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As a testimony to the symbiotic work of Kim and Anastacia: I have experienced and found there is a very loving, non-invasive respect given by both of them to the magnificent body proper and its ability to heal itself through focused, loving touch techniques.

It can all seem a little like "when are we going to get something done?" or "Soft touch, yeah, yeah". But as soft and simplistic as the techniques seem when applied the more profound the varied personal results can be. Show up and don't analyze too much and you will get results. Right now I feel better than I have since before I went to the Vietnam War. Looking forward to continuing the un-winding process with the both of them and bring more light and their proven techniques into my life. Thank you.

MS 12/2013


Rhythms of Life has been an effective and healthy vehicle to bring about changes to improve my daily life. Each visit carries forward for days afterwards - habits change, and a new way of emotionalizing and moving becomes incorporated. Treatments are fortifying and whole. The staff, along with a calm and friendly environment, makes the process a real pleasure. Thank you all.

ES 12/2013


Since starting Network Care again with the beautiful ladies at Rhythms of Life, I have felt a decrease in pain in my body including some monumental changes in my neck that I fell have unlocked old patterns and opened new doors. I have also felt that I am better able to deal with stress, not fall into “drama” in life, and have felt an overall better sense of well being in my body, mind, heart and soul. Thank You!                         

JN 2/17/07


Network Care and the Transformational Gate have changed my life forever. I am now the being that I have always dreamed of being. Before NSA and the Gate, love was just a word and an idea that I have been given little hints of to help guide me back to the truth. My heart is now open to the purest love and compassion that I could not have imagined or dreamed of. The most important goal in my life now is to channel this love back into the world.                                                                                                       

KC 2/26/07


I’ve been working with Dr. Kim for 1 ½ years. Over this time I’ve come to a place of more ease in my life. My nervous system receives and processes stimulus more quickly. I have fewer and less intense outbreaks of shingles. And emotional triggers arise and move through generally with more ease and less stickiness. Overall, I feel more integrated and balanced.

DP 4/19/07


These last several months have been a transition in many ways- from graduate school to professional job, from denying/distancing myself from my health issues to working actively to manage and reduce pain, from not exercising much to increased walking/biking. Network Care has given me some tools to help breathe/connect with my body and use its innate healing ability to work on joint stiffness and pain. After entrainments I always have more energy and feel more relaxed and centered. My quality of life has improved in that my body is less stiff most of the time and I feel more at ease with emotions passing through and being released. I also feel more focused on my path forward in life and in improving my health and spine flexibility.                       

CM 5/13/07


My hips don’t feel tight and painful anymore and that’s without stretching. I am able to be more self-centered emotionally and make better choices for me. I am letting go of unhealthy relationships. My emotions pass quicker and with less intensity of depressive tendency. I am totally aware of my cervical spine. It had become very painful at times. and is now resolving. My ability to handle anxiety is profoundly increased. I’ve had several “Ah-ha”s on the table and several emotional releases.             

AS 12/29/07


Network Care gave me my summer back. At the beginning of the summer, my husband was gone for 4 weeks and the stress of mothering alone, and the death of my cat left me with debilitating back and hip pain. Normally in the summer we hike and swim every day, but I could only lay on the floor with my legs up. Within days of starting Network Care, that pain was gone. Within weeks, long-term tension in my upper spine relaxed and I was able to stand straight for the first time since a car accident 7 ½ years ago. We have hiked and swam more this summer than I ever have in my life. And, my body feels better than since before my first pregnancy 11 years ago. Financially, it has been a hardship, but I am hoping my renewed health will help me find a job in September to help pay off this debt! If I can go into debt for my house and car, why not my health… thank you.

DD 08/24/06


Posture, breathing and how I carry my body when walking or sitting has definitely improved. I’ve found Kim to be very interested in my well-being and quick to alter treatments when informed of pain or discomfort. She knows what is wrong with my body before I even inform her. She is intuitive.

JP 02/27/06


I am inspired by your work and attitudes! Your approach combines the physical adjustments with insights that have helped me expand my attitudes as well as physical well-being. I feel more balanced and eased in my body, with big reduction in back and neck tension and pain. General sense of more energy and shedding old trauma patterns has been a gift. I look forward to the next stage.

Lifestyle: continuing efforts to streamline and focus my different work “hats”- learning to prioritize and let more go what is not serving my needs.

SS 03/27/06


Most noticeable: I traveled by car 3,700 miles over 10 day period with NO back pain. This was an absolute 1st!
I have a deeper sense of calm and safety. I am bouncing back from emotional pain much faster. I have been able to put my body through more stress- be it dancing, gardening, digging in clay… and I bounce back faster.  It feels like my torso isn’t so stuck. The pain is feeling better.

JF 07/17/06


When I’m at school there is not much selection of beverages. It’s either soda or that water stuff with fake sugar. There’s nothing worse than fake sugar so I would usually get a bottle of Coke to quench my thirst. Not too long ago I was powerful thirsty so as always I went to the vending machines looking for something tasty. I bought a coke and it really made me want to throw up. The same has been happening with those gas station tacos and other crap that for some reason I used to think was good.

CS 05/22/06


Being open to a good relationship is an improvement. Being in my power to start. The tender loving care touch movement is a completion of many years of work.  Less negative talk- more positive in general more action oriented.

SS 04/04/06


I’m now on my 2 times a week of phase 2 of Network and this is amazing, but I was forewarned. My stress level is higher but I know have more tools and know how to use them to relieve that stress. When I do use these added tools correctly the stress diminishes, as does the physical and psychic pain. For instance as I write this I’m waiting for a client who may or may not show up to pay me for completed plans this P.M., he’s going to negotiate on the price. I’m moving my spine from my sacrum undulating through my thoracic into my cervical back to the beginning. See! It’s already working- thanks!

Anonymous 04/17/06


I don’t arrive with a cell phone to my ear very often- I’m taking better care of myself, sleeping better/longer, eating a little better. When stressed I do the breathing. Physically- I feel my lumbar spine and sacrum opening, softening. That’s the exciting part! My back relaxing. I’m much more relaxed riding my horse.  Still not busy.  My therapist said I’m more in my body and more peaceful than he’s seen me in 3 or 4 years. I don’t know if it’s helping my focus (ADD) or not.

SW 04/12/06


Last week was my third or fourth week here. After leaving the courthouse filing final divorce papers I felt like throwing up. I came here and had Dr. Kim work on me, then I went to my counseling appointment. The counselor (psychologist) who’s known me for 3 years (or 4?) told me she was amazed at how in my body I was. How honest I was about my marriage and how I felt about my husband that I’m divorcing. He was really impressed that something is shifting in me.

Old aches have returned to my body. Not sure what they are telling me- listen. I am considering slowing life down. We’ll see.

SW 02/28/06


I am sleeping like a baby! Some nights not even waking to pee. I am dreaming every night- not ugly dreams, however, they are illusive. I have always been an organized person- compulsive about everything having its place. Well, I’ve lightened up and it feels so incredible relaxing and liberating. But ladies, I’m craving sweets….

SC 02/22/06


I recently changed my working space after 10 years my new space is quite a lot smaller so I t required quite a lot of attention to keep it workable.  Network care has given me a new area to explore my life. I am learning stress relief, breathing, for better focus and attention.  My body feels better, more relaxed, I stand straighter and have less pain.

CDM 02/08/06


My favorite thing about coming to Network Care is that I feel nurtured and taken care of. I get to relax and have someone heal me for a change! I love the supportive atmosphere- that I can express any movements, sounds, or feelings that emerge- it is very freeing. I don’t even know if my spine or my posture has benefitted; I just know it has been a rare treat for me to relax and be in such loving hands. Thank you!

CW 11/08/05


My life has changed drastically and has given me hope to get through my life. Before I came to Rhythms of Life I was hurting; physically and emotionally. My life had no direction and I was feeling that I didn’t belong anywhere. When I started this type of work the first day I was able to breathe and regain control over my emotions. Ever since my life has been going up. Yes, I have my bad days, but I have gained control over my life. I love doing this work. It has been a great and wondrous work.

DA 12/06/05


Since beginning care in September I have noticed significant changes in my level of awareness regarding body stress, how I hold it, where I hold it and how I can release it. My body is capable of releasing stuckness in ways I never knew before. For example: I was in a car accident 23 years ago and still would experience muscle spasm/severe neck pain/stiff neck- about every 3 months. Usually it would require 3-4 days of heat/ice, pain reliever and traditional chiropractic adjustments before I would feel relief. After 6 weeks of care I was sitting in a meeting, turned my neck and triggered a spasm. Immediately I thought, “here we go again”, but I moved my body- or I allowed my body to move- and it adjusted itself. Within 30 seconds of the pain starting it ended! How amazing is that?!  As a result of this experience I trust my body more- it is learning and has learned a new way of being!

JF 12/01/05


I Hear Her Now
I embrace my body like a lover and she embraces me.
I hear her so clearly now whispering the ways to nurture her.
Network is a gentle powerful wind blowing down the walls between my body and me.
Every day I breathe into the three S.R.I. positions as a prayer, as a thanks, and I notice there’s more room in my body now for Breath, movement, health, vision, wonder, creativity, joy, and sway.
A sway that is the dance of life, the dance of freedom.

AM 2004


Network Chiropractic…

I came due to an auto accident, whiplash, my neck and back hurt, it felt as though my head was too heavy for my body. Two months later, my neck and back are no longer hurting, but the benefits of Network Chiropractic have been felt through out my body and my soul. The first change I really noticed was my fingers. I could feel my fingers again, I’ve had carpal tunnel syndrome for years, and suddenly I could feel the tips of my fingers. (even as I type this its amazing to me to notice that I can actually feel the keys under my fingertips!). The next change was finding my feet, connecting with not just my body, but also the earth beneath my feet. I’ve never been able to “ground” myself, to sit and feel a connection with the earth beneath my feet. But now I feel that connection when I sit or stand or walk. I’m suddenly cranky. None of these words feel right… they are true but I want to write about the other changes, the connections within. What matters to me more than the surface of my body. And for some reason I feel like I should, as if no one would understand. The connections within the heart of myself. I guess its just that I think most people come to network to heal their body just as I did, what would happen, what would it mean if what you read was that network allowed me to connect with myself. As a trauma survivor, I disconnect, not only from my body but also from the very essence of myself.  At first, coming into the entrainment room, I would have to stop and calm every part of myself. Every time I come to network, it becomes easier to find that place of calm. So much so that now, outside of network, when I need to find calm and connection, I reach back toward what it feels like to be in the entrainment room. Thinking of being there helps me stay connected with the present and helps me to stay connected to myself. It is as if Dr. Kim is helping me to not just find my body, but to find myself. Thank you.

JW 03/01/04


Since starting Network Chiropractic over two years ago my life has changed dramatically. Namely, because I have changed. I have become more authentic to my true nature. I feel more connected to myself and more grounded. I am more aware of my internal processes and the transient nature of emotions. I am less attached to outcome in any given situation and less fearful of being myself (which I was unaware of being two years ago). My relationships- personal and professional- are more authentic. I am more aware of other people’s processes and more compassionate towards them because of it. I am more aware of when my feelings are genuine and when they are based on some historical event, and can respond with more integrity because of that awareness. I attract people into my life now that are also seekers and interested in their own healing.

As a writer I have found my writing to come from a more authentic place. I am more interested in telling stories from the heart- from my heart- and I have greater courage. I feel my creativity flows rather than starts and stops. I have found my patience and greater compassion for others is extremely beneficial during production of a film when the days are long and the work demanding. Having just directed a short film in Italian- which I don’t speak- I could listen to the actors with my heart rather than my ears to get the best take. I could give meaningful direction while allowing every person on set- from the DP to the Art Director to the Hair/Makeup person- to bring their own knowledge and experience to the table without feeling my role as director was being jeopardized. And I don’t get involved in other people’s drama. The production went extremely smoothly (the most efficient she’s worked on says my producer) and came in under time. I would find it extremely beneficial to have a Network practitioner on set. As we got closer to production time I increased my visits to Network to three times per week, which helped me deal with the stress with more ease. As someone who has been paralyzed by fear of success, fear of lack of control, and fear of creative exposure, to have completed a film in collaboration with others, had a public screening, and sent it out to film festivals, it is truly remarkable. And such a relief to finally be doing what I love to do without fear and integrity, compassion, and awareness.

JCL 2004


I believe this work has made a difference in the quality of my life, physically and emotionally. I can’t explain it but I know that something has changed in the way I think, behave, move and the way I make choices in my life, that I was unable to make before. The ability, the strength, the courage to let go of a relationship that had not served me for a long time. Although extremely painful, I know that it was time. Only after starting this care was I able to know deep within, that now I could take that different step to move forward and do what was truly best for me.

I look forward to the future and how Network Care will help me live the life I was meant to live!

KP 02/24/04


When I first walked in here I was in a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders. This is gone!  My posture is in flux. It is a constant play in my spine as tensions in my bones and muscles are released. This is fun to work with.  A surprise to me was that I wasn’t breathing into my upper chest area. As this has opened up my energy is increased and flows into areas that were formerly blocked. We are creating a new experience in the body!

BH 01/29/04


An Anthropological Testimonial of Network Care

The practice of anthropology is the study of one’s self in relationship to the “other”. In the practice of Network Care, I by way of breath, became the “other” in research. My dissertation research was a study in the violence of Western prisons and the society that continuously reproduces this violence. In some of the most violent institutionalized cultures in the world, I met imprisoned men who have risen above the violence that once consumed them to become creative and expressive human beings through various avenues of education and the arts. Many would not have risen above this violence if it were not for their confrontation with the violent culture of prison, which made them reflect as a mirror would upon their own self. Every time I entered into relationship with a prisoner or ex-prisoner, I was confronted with my own violence by way of similarity or difference with the imprisoned “other”.

Over the course of five years going into prisons and writing about these experiences, I changed more because of this research than I had in the prior thirty years of my life. But changes in my personal life became most dramatic in the final 9 months of this long journey because of my three visits a week to see Dr. Kim.

Throughout my childhood and adolescence I had a number of emotional and physical injuries, which effects will be with me for the rest of my life. I grew up as a child with extreme asthma and allergies that at one point cut off my breath as an infant. Two separate times I broke my leg at 1 and 8 years, a hernia at 20 years, and back surgery at 30 were all symptoms of a larger physiological, psychological and social problem that manifested in my body as a self-destructive disconnect with myself’s breath and body. Including heavy alcohol and drug use, I as a white male, have struggled throughout my life with physical appearance and in my early 30’s would at times starve and exercise my body to a frail 6’-4” 165 pounds. Unlike women who have more of a support system for such eating disorders, men such as myself are trapped into a male culture where it is taboo to even admit to such a socially constructed disease. But even more exemplary of my life before Network as I started to go into San Quentin in 1998 and then into prisons in England, Northern Ireland, Germany< and Italy, I drew myself into the culture of social cigarette smoking. When I sat down alone to begin the writing process three years ago I began to smoke regularly- me a “former” asthmatic.

When I began the Network practice I had just quit smoking a couple of weeks before for the 10th time in three years and I was smoking pot some four or five days a week. My writing had been blocked on and off for over 15 months. In theatre doing physical performances, I was effective for short periods of time but my mental and physical endurance to focus and remember a thread was limited. Through Network I began to meditate upon my breath as my body began to learn to dance with internal snake for the first time in my life. This was also a time in which I started to practice yoga regularly (which I must recommend as an amazing partner to Network) and I could feel the ways my breath was healing my own body. I can now wake up in the morning doing SRI and breath into my lower back and absolutely rise out of bed with no pain in my body. I could also experience the ways in which I was hurting my body in moment-to-moment daily physiological routines of standing, moving, and sitting. As I entered the final three months of writing 8-16 hours a day, along with a grueling three nights of rehearsals a week, I began to construct my daily ritual of life in order to maximize with efficiency the use of my energy and lying down on that table I could no longer lie to myself. In short, never before have I become so intimately aware of my actions and their effects, while also never before has my mind and body been so efficient and vibrant.

I graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies and am heading to the south of Italy for 3 and a half months investigating a possible change of address. I do not knowing for certain my immediate future in regards to my relationship with Network, I may not ever be able to have access to the practice on such a regular basis, or at all. But my body, breath, and way of life have been changed permanently because of this past year of “breath research”. What I have been privileged to learn in this research is to love the essence of my creative self. The next step is to apply this self-love to every human spirit throughout the world. We could revolutionize the world if Network were accessible to the masses, this should not be a privilege but a basic human right! And it would be safe to say that we would have less prisons.

MM 2004


This business is completely mysterious to me.  A little twitch here or there a little whispering, some breathing, a bit of music. Nonetheless, I have experienced everything that others report: great changes in my body, its posture, feelings, great changes in my awareness of it. And a much deeper sense of resilience and patience. I can’t say why, but this strange calmness came on me with the beginnings of my work here.

I ask myself frequently, “what is this woman doing to me?” I don’t have a clue, and that is why I trust it. I try to expect nothing, try to accept as real only that which undoubtedly appears in my clearest senses, in my body. And, remarkably, there are many things that have arisen, some subtle, some more apparent.

SR 05/04/04


Started care 12/03.  This care has affected all aspects of my life in a profound, thought-provoking ways. Physically, I experience less tension and am more aware of my posture and my overall sensory experience. Emotionally, I experienced this new, interesting sensation of feeling a negative emotion, and wanting to “store it” or “put it away” within myself… but there was nowhere to “put it!” I became much more emotionally authentic and started to connect to and acknowledge my emotional/physical responses to stress.

This shift in awareness helped me acknowledge that my work situation was not working on the most basic levels. So I resigned, and learned a lot from the experience! The overall quality of my life has definitely improved- thank Dr. Kim.

Anonymous 03/01/04


All Right. It’s been only 3 weeks, but my God- things are happening!  Anyway the change is amazing.  I came here not so straight, and right now, I can sit up straight. My back used to ache a lot at the top, is much calmer and soft and the thing is that my meditation every morning has changed profoundly. I can finally sit up while meditating- without moving, and the connection between my body and mind- is much stronger! My breathing became long and deep.  Thank you so much- I’m waiting happily to see what changes will occur next.

AS 01/28/03


Physically I have noticed many changes- my posture of course is much better and I feel like it takes so much less effort to sit straight, stand tall, my balance has improved and I have a greater sense of my “center”. I have noticed that the wear patter of my shoes has changed—my left foot used to wear really off center- now both feet wear more evenly (neat!)

Emotionally I find it’s easier to identify what is bothering me when I am upset- actually a lot of stressors just wash over me (some things stick- but not as many) and that’s that. Happy times seem sweeter and I feel more engaged with life.

CB 10/09/03


It’s been 5 months since starting Network. In the beginning, I was in acute pain between my shoulders, feeling a lot of anger and anxiety, very stressed and tight. I cried a lot, not knowing why. I was hot and irritable. Over the course of these few months, I have experienced a gradual sense of relaxing and acceptance. I still have pain in my shoulders, but now I don’t resist it. My hard, controlling self is melting away, revealing my softer, sweet self. I feel life is ready to be enjoyed, not achieved. I don’t have to build an airplane in order to fly; I can surrender and become the soaring bird. My tears flow freely, now in open sobs, feeling long locked grief. My tears cleanse, and my crying is sacred. I have begun to dance, my body moving in waves that are relaxed and uninhibited. I have begun to dance, my mind quieter, embracing the beauty of each moment. 

VC 10/23/03


I had put in for “an upgrade on my life” one day recently (after a still moment- a full stop, so to speak, like praying) and now I have help, and new people, the old people are better, or gone. I’ve been able to drive my car again, and shop, and clean up (just starting). I’m able to work for hours. The pain is going I’m recovering from a recent whiplash at lightning speed. I feel optimistic.

FC 09/15/03


Sometimes I forget that I come weekly for entrainments (no- not to come, but that I do come) it is such a part of my life.  I have considered experimenting with a 6 month trial without the work- mainly for my own understanding of how much or not, difference it makes in my life to continue this work on a weekly basis. But I’m not ready to do that yet. My perception is that my body is a much more comfortable and happy place to reside since I have started Network.

AK 10/01/03


I have been working on my own body for more than 16 months to release much of the tension stored there.  It was when I came to do Network Chiropractic that I saw tremendous changes in a very short period of time. Changes in body awareness, structure and alignment. Emotional releases long locked in the body have been released which allows more space in the body to live, breath and function in a happy productive way.

This treatment technique is very subtle but it has the ability to go very deep into your being and you can touch that most sacred place within your very own heart.

GU 11/27/02


I’ve resisted writing a testimonial for Network Chiropractic, not because I have not received amazing benefit, but rather because I cannot conceive of anyone actually believing my report. But I have decided to leave my credibility up to the reader and simply report the results as I perceive them.

I’ve been a three-times-a-week visitor to Network for seven months. Here is a partial list of the changes I’ve noticed in my life:
Physical: This week I went to the movies without my “back friend” lumbar support for the first time in approximately three years. I had no problem. (This fact is what has inspired me to write this testimonial)  Some time last summer I was walking with a friend when she yelped from ten paces behind me, “slow down!” I’ve always had lower back pain after walking a quarter mile or so and now it felt as if the stiff wind I’d been walking into all my life had suddenly stopped. The same walking effort was now producing 50% more distance. I no longer have lower back pain when I walk.  Both of the above are probably the result of a distinct change in my posture which I did not consciously try to achieve. My “flat” back (the result of much modern dance) has made way for the return of the natural lumbar curve. I hold myself differently and it is now much more comfortable to stand for a period of time.

Emotional/Spiritual: My first response to Network was that my sense of gratitude, already well cultivated, expanded to the point of almost manic giddiness. That has subsided and now I find myself more even-tempered and patient. I take things less personally. Last week I had a profound encounter with an old friend who had recently hurt me badly. I ended up apologizing for ways I’d hurt her in the distant past and it was a piece of cake. She now feels “pounds lighter” and I feel released from a relationship that should have ended years ago.  I was raised in a family of tone-impaired singers. It has always been a great sadness that I cannot participate in a group songfest and know that I’m actually contributing to the beauty of the music. So it is with deep joy that I know sing along at a Shabbat service or with any other group and know vibrationally that I am contributing to the music being created. Yesterday I attended a prayer vigil against the impending war in Iraq. I wanted a Jewish voice to be added the incredible diversity of heartfelt prayer. I looked around and decided that I was probably as good representative as anyone there. I walked up, took the mike, introduced myself, recited that Shema and the following: You shall love yourself for you are a spark of the divine.  You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  You shall love the stranger for you were once strangers in the land of Mitzrayim.  Let love fill your heart for all being.  It felt wonderful! Thank you!

BS 12/18/02

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