October 7, 2004

Visit to Vancouver's Prince of Wales High School

A few months ago, I was contacted by Brigitte Patenaude from Vancouver's Prince of Wales High School. She asked me if I'd be interested in participating in an interactive Q&A with her students. The only catch was that all the questions would be asked and answered in French! Well, since French is my first language and I'm in great need of practice, I thought it would be fun and agreed to do it.

The visit took place last Friday, October 1st, and it was loads of fun. Each of the 23 students asked one question and I tried answering the best I could. Since this was a "Core French" class, I was not allowed to say a word of English! Fortunately, Brigitte helped me out whenever I got stuck and the whole event went just great. I brought lots of visual material for the students to look at and they seemed very interested. The Insanely Twisted Rabbits sculptures were a huge hit!

Here are a few pictures.

Photos by Raymond Lum