BRAVE - Development Art

While doing development for Pixar's Brave, production designer, Steve Pilcher, asked me to create a series of short animation tests. These were done over Steve Pilcher's pre-production painting, color key, and black backgound.

Celtic Frost Effects Test

The assignment on this one was to animate frost magically covering the landscape using Celtic patterns. This particular test was animated in Adobe Photoshop. Camera move and compositing were done in Animo.


All Brave Effects Tests

Cauldron Eruption (4 Tests) - Over Steve Pilcher's Color Key
Cauldron Fumes Test - Over Storyboard
Wisp Tests (3 Tests) - Over Black
Celtic Frost - Over Steve Pilcher's Pre-Production Painting

Celtic/Pictish Animal Designs

One of my assignments on Pixar's Brave, was to create a series of line drawings depicting various animals rendered in a celtic/pictish style. After doing some research, I came up with a whole menagerie. Although I didn't see any of these designs being used in the film, I was glad to see some of them being chosen for the Art of Brave book. Below you can see the line drawings next to the photographs that inspired them.

Tapestry Boarder

For this, I used traditional Celtic motifs and made up new ones—all intertwined. Not sure how succesful I was. It was a tough assignement for the limited time I had.