Osmosis Jones FX Animation & Designs

I worked on Osmosis Jones it for a period of one and a half year including 6 months as a pre-production artist and one year as the 2D special effects artistic supervisor.

My main responsibility was to create the look of the microscopic effects found inside the body of Frank (Bill Murray's character). Some of the effects I designed and animated for the movie include molecular fire, cellular smoke, electrical impulses, DNA strand sequence, various liquids, death of the villain (Thrax), destruction of city of Frank, microbes of all kind, as well as the title sequence. Here's a small sample of this work:

Opening Titles

During production, I came up with an idea to do the opening titles and setting them up in a microscopic world.

I pitched the idea to the directors and producer but was told that most likely the Farelly brothers' team would be handling that part of the movie. Undeterred, I decided to go ahead on my own time and produce the sequence without permission.

I storyboarded and created all the animation on paper. Then, I recruited Ryan Woodward to digitally composite the elements, add the camera moves and apply the various filters to produce the final look of the piece.

Needless to say, it didn't take long for the folks at Warners to warm up to my idea and the sequence was quickly integrated in the film

Molecular Fire


DNA Apolcalypse

The Death of Thrax

Poster Designs

At the beginning of 2000, Warner Brothers Studios asked me to come up with some concepts for the teaser campain. I designed a set of five posters. Unfortunately they were all rejected in favor of a more cartoony approach. You can click on any of the images below to view a larger version.

Osmosis Jones Copyright © 2001 Warner Bros.

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