Mixomation Animation ID (2007)

In early 2007, I was commissioned by Timeshift Network to design and animate a 5-second self-looping animation ID for their program.

The Making of the Mixomation Animation ID

First, I was provided with a logo design.


I did a series of concepts and sent them out to the executive producer for review. The image on the left is the one that was approved and given the go ahead.

I then hired sound maestro, Andrew Scott, to compose a 5-second self-looping musical piece. I wanted something catchy and epic at the same time and Andrew delivered the goods.


I separated the logo into 3 different sections: MIX, O, and MATION and animated the O swelling and shrinking to the beat of the music using the Animo software. The MIX and MATION were sheared sideways, squashing and stretching to keep a proper relationship to the O animation. Once I was happy with the movement I added a small yellow glow around the letters. See movie (1mb)


The next step was to create the eye. For this, I painted all the various elements in Photoshop: the bottom of the eye (1), the iris (2), the pupil (3), the eye hilite (4), the eye shade (5), the pupil highlight (6), four levels of veins (7-10) as well at the eyelid (11).

All levels were composited and animated in Animo using scaling, shearing and transform nodes. See movie (1mb)


Once I was pleased with the animation of the eye and the logo, I created 3 levels of gears in Photoshop: the bar, the small wheel and the big wheel. I animated them in Animo using rotation and transform nodes as well as opacity and blur filters with increasing and decreasing intensity. The goal was to make everything feel and move in perfect harmony with the music. See movie (1.3mb)


Once all the animation was completed, I painted a set of 9 backgrounds in Photoshop. These paintings were imported in the Animo software and cross-disolved in perfect timing with the music. See movie (1mb)


Combine all these elements together and you get a swell looking animation ID.

See movie (3.3mb)

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