The Iron Giant FX Animation

The Iron Giant - The "Dome of Doom" Sequence

Part One - Part Two - Part Three

The 3rd and last scene I animated in the "Dome of Doom" sequence was divided in two parts: the shooting of the orb and the explosion. The beginning of the scene pans very quickly and we only get a few frames to register the launch of the orb. Every frame was crucial.

The hand drawn animation I created here consists of 4 levels:

1- The Burst (animated with a 6B pencil).

2 - The Electricity (animated with a 0.45mm Micron marker)

3- The Orb (I roughed out a circle moving in perspective and then had my assistant, Matt Maners, clean up the drawings using a stencil).

4- The Animated Rendering over the Orb (which was also animated with a 6B pencil).

The elements were all digitally treated by Andrew Jiminez who added enhancements such as blur, luminescence, backlighting etc. He also helped giving the orb volume by adding a green glow around the edge.