Michel Gagné's Miscellaneous Art Gallery
Pinup for 1313 Magazine

Here's a pinup I did for issue #4 of 1313 Magazine. I found out about the magazine when I received this email from the editor in November 2003:

Greetings Mr. Gagne!

I currently run an international psycho-horror publication called 1313 Magazine "The Phantom Monster Show" that specializes in film, comics books, animation, art, toys, kustom kulture, music and so much more! Our 2nd issue is currently on sale and we're now working on our 3rd installment due out before Christmas. This full color spooktacular includes an exclusive front cover by 1313 guest artist Dan Brereton. The issue also includes such creature features as; Elvira, legendary monster artist Basil Gogos, East Coast spookshow Ghoul A Go Go, Rock City Morgue, a Galeerie of special guest artists including Eric Pigors, Funko Toys and so much more ghastly fun!

Since the magazine is a visual treat for our reader's I've been in contact with several artists for coverage and to contributing original 1313 pin ups such as Shag , Von Franco, Rhode Montijo, Jorge R. Gutierre, designer on Mucha Lucha, Michael Slack and so many more!

In any case, I'm a big fan of your work and was wondering if you might be interested in doing a sexy swinging ghoulie pin up for our guest Galeerie? I would also love to do a feature article/interview on you and your work!

Stay deadly,
Mister Monster