In September 2002, I received an email from a fellow named Alex Pardee. Alex wrote that he was a big fan of my work and asked me if I'd be interested in contributing to his latest project: a series of four books entitled "Bunnywith..." featuring 1000 twisted bunnies!

A month after receiving the email, I did a trade show called APEX in Los Angeles. To my surprise, Alex was exhibiting at the table right across from mine. We shook hands as we introduced each other, and Alex gave me a bag full of his books. When I got home after the show, I had a look at his work and was truly impressed. Alex is quite a talent. Demented, spooky, disturbing, twisted and unsettling are words that come to mind when looking at his work (and I mean that as a good thing!).

Anyhow, here's the rabbit I drew for his book. Click here to see the final page layout. Check out Alex's site at