The Art of XEKO
by Michel Gagné

My association with XEKO started in early 2005 when I met Amy Tucker at the Emerald City Comic-Con. She pitched her idea to me about a game where you would teach kids (and adults) about ecology and endangered species: a trading card game with a social conscience. The whole thing revolved around a made-up mythology called Xeko (pronounced zeekoh). I loved the concept and immediately decided to collaborate on the project.

Since that first meeting, I've designed many of the aspects of the game including setting a visual style, doing a huge number of illustrations for the cards (with additional art from Travis & Jordan Kotzebue, Edward Pun and a few others), as well as designing several of the games components (icons, borders, box and packaging elements, etc...). This is a tremendously fun game for all ages and I can't recommend it highly enough. You can order it directly from our site by going to our ordering page. But before you do so, scroll down and have a look! You can click on any of the selection for a larger view.

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