Michel Gagné's Miscellaneous Art Gallery
A Highly Unusual Commission

Here is one of the strangest commission I've ever done. It all started with this email:

my name is Evan and I'm a college student in Jaxonville, Florida.

I think you are a genius at creating the abstractly beautiful, yet completely demented pieces. I love your style...and needless to say I'm a huge fan!

Well, I was wondering if you could do a personal commission embodying my favorite subject matter in the world, cannabis. This may sound strange but I love it and love any artistic renderings of it. I'd greatly appreciate you considering this project and look forward to hearing back from you.

Thanks for your time...

Note: Eventhough I had fun creating this piece, I personally do not endorse or recommend the usage of cannabis. Having a clear, drug free mind is definitely the way to go.