April 30, 2003

Here's the banner Sideshow created to advertise the Insanely Twisted Rabbit collectible, throughout the web. Pretty neat!

April 25, 2003

The first "Insanely Twisted Rabbit" sculpture from Sideshow Collectibles is currently being solicited in this May's Previews. Check it out on page 464! Because of the low quantity being produced, they expect this item to sell out very quickly. Here's the description I got from Sideshow:

One day in 1991, while Michel Gagné was working at Don Bluth Animation Studios, he saw a sketch of his friend's pet rabbit. This sparked Michel's imagination and he began compulsively scribbling dozens of deformed, mutated rabbits, spawning a competition to see who could draw the most twisted rabbit. Since that fateful day, Michel has doodled hundreds of strange rabbits, eventually publishing many of them in his book aptly titled "Insanely Twisted Rabbits."

The "Demon Dog Rabbit" evolved from one of those little doodles into an exquisitely crafted polystone figure. Hand-cast and hand-painted, this limited edition of 1,000 numbered pieces brings to 3D one of the most delightfully disturbing, yet imaginative collectibles seen today.

April 20, 2003

New Addition to the Fan Art Gallery

At the Atlanta Comicon, a chap named Lucas Ryan came by my table. He told me he was a big fan of my work and asked me to look at some of his sketches. I was blown away!! This guy is a great draftman! His sketchpad was filled with beautiful designs and caricatures. A few hours later, Lucas came back with a little gift for me... a caricature of myself as an insanely twisted rabbit!

April 16, 2003


We had a blast! The organizers were all so nice and helpful; they made it a delight to be there. I'm so glad they selected me to be a guest of their show. Here's the lowdown:

Thursday, April 10: We took the plane from Seattle to Atlanta and arrived at our destination around 6:00 pm. We were greeted by the Comicon's chief of security, who kindly drove us to our hotel in Duluth. Riding with us was Terry Moore, the famed creator of the excellent comic series Strangers in Paradise. Terry is currently celebrating the tenth anniversary of his creation. From our hotel, Terry, Nancy (my beloved wife) and I, walked to the Roadhouse Grill where we had a relaxing dinner. We chatted about working in the comic biz, doing FX on The Iron Giant (Terry's favorite animated film), and the various progressions of our respective careers. Terry is a very swell guy and a tremendous artist.

Friday, April 11: First day of the convention. The hall opened at 1:00 pm. We were at the table right next to Mike Kunkel, creator of Herobear and the kid. Mike is such a nice guy; it was a pleasure to have him as a convention neighbor. He was promoting his new hardcover that compiles the first 5 issues of his series: a very slick package that delighted all the Herobear fans. Our "Insanely Twisted Rabbits" banner caught the eye of many unsuspecting attendees. A lot of them came to chat with us and were delighted when I offered to sketch for anyone who happened to have a sketchpad handy. After the hall closed at 7:00, we all headed to the Gaijin Studio where food and drinks awaited us. We had fun socializing with the many great artists who were present. Back at the hotel, I had a pitiful game of pool with the talented Mike Jantze (The Norm), who ended up defeating me in the end. Truly, we were closely matched in our inability to make a decent shot!

Saturday, April 12: The convention hall opened at 10:00 and my table was immediately mobbed by a group of animation students. Their enthusiasm was very refreshing. I also met two cool guys from The Animation Nation Message Board, who are known under the names Fooksie (thanks for the mug) and LooseToon (who provided the pictures you see here). Those guys were a lot of fun to talk to. I sketched and signed books, and everyone was very thankful. The Insanely Twisted Rabbits sculpture from Sideshow Collectibles was on display at our table and was a massive hit, to say the least. Too bad it isn't for sale yet.

At 2:00pm, I headed for the ASIFA room, where I was part of a panel about "Animators Doing Comic Books". The panel, moderated by Sarah Fay, went extremely well. Mike Kunkel balanced my insanity with mature reasoning, while Stephanie Gladden and Robert Pope offered some good insights on the business. The fan reaction was great. After the panel, I rejoined Nancy at the table where sales were picking up quite well. The doors closed, at 6:00pm, and Thom Trainor (one of the organizer and a nice guy to boot) took us to a Jamaican restaurant where we joined the amazing Shane Glines, Mike Kunkel, Thom's wonderful wife Rhonda, and a few other artists. The food was fabulous and so was the company.

Sunday, April 13: Last day of the convention. I did a one hour presentation (Inside the Animator's Studio) at 2:00pm and the response was fantastic. Prelude to Eden, as always, was a big hit. Back to the table, I did more sketching and signing, and we nearly sold everything we had shipped. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful fans that support my work. Their enthusiasm and kindness truly fuels my creative energy.

April 11 -13, 2003

I've been invited to be a guest at the 3rd Annual Atlanta Comicon. If you happen to be in that area, at that specific period of time, please come by and say hi. My beloved wife and I will have a table in the guest section with a full inventory of books and other goodies.

The convention will have lots of great guests and rooms full of all kinds of illustrated literature. ASIFA Atlanta asked me to take part in two of their events. Check below for details.

ASIFA-Atlanta at the Atlanta Comicon Convention

A Weekend of Animation and Comics, Friday, April 11 through Sunday, April 13 at the Gwinnett Civic Center

Fri - 1pm-7pm
Sat 10am-6pm
Sun 11am-5pm

ASIFA-Atlanta is sponsoring an entire room at the Atlanta Comicon Convention! Join us for a full weekend of animation panels and screenings with a special focus on comics. Featuring animators and artists from local studios and schools, special appearances by visiting guests, and a plethora of information about working in the animation and comics industries. All screenings and presentations take place in the ASIFA-Atlanta room.


Animators Doing Comic Books
Join visiting guests Michel Gagné, Mike Kunkel, and Atlanta-based Stephanie Gladden and Matt Jenkins for the ins and outs of doing double-duty in the fields of animation and comic book art. We'll cover many aspects of the comics industry such as self-publishing, self-promotion, work-for-hire comics based on pre-exisitng animated characters, and distribution. We'll also talk about the crossovers between doing animation and comics.

Saturday, April 12

Inside the Animator's Studio with Michel Gagné
Join visiting guest, Michel Gagné, creator of "Zed" and a top animation artist, for an "Inside the Actor's Studio" style interview.

Sunday, April 12

Check the Atlanta Comicon website for the full schedule of events.

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