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Feature Film Storyboard Artists Wanted
September 6th, 2017

Update Sep 11: Thank you all for the overwhelming response. I am no longer reviewing portfolios for Storyboard. I made my choices.

I'm currently looking for storyboard artists for The Saga of Rex feature film. Must have feature film storyboarding experience (or demonstrate the ability to storyboard on a feature via samples). This is for a 5-month period starting October 2nd. Four positions available. I'm looking for strong draftsmanship and good filmmaking sensibilities. Work will be done remotely.

Please send storyboard samples and resume to and title your email: "Saga of Rex Storyboard". Please allow a week or so for response.

Studio Reconfiguration
September 4th, 2017

I've been re-configuring my work-space for The Saga of Rex feature film. Got rid of two computer workstations (still two remaining) and replaced them with a traditional animation desk. I've been paperless for nearly 10 years, but for Saga of Rex, I'm making a return to old school hand drawn animation on paper.

Finished with My Little Pony Movie

July 24th, 2017

I wrapped up my work on My Little Pony Movie last Friday after 12 intense months of production, and it felt like ending a marathon–exhausting but cathartic at the same time.

I probably took on a bit more than I could comfortably chew, but the extra effort paid off. I hope animation fans will agree when the film is released on October 6th.

I'm so proud of my friend and all around good guy, Jayson Thiessen who directed the movie. He's a solid and inspiring director to work with. The rest of the crew was equally excellent. We're having our "Farewell Skype" on Wednesday. There might not be a dry eye in the room.

For the last 4 years, I've been going from one project to the next without break, facing daily/weekly deadlines and long hours. Having no deadline looming over my head is a strange feeling but at the same time, it's quite liberating.

I need to recharge my batteries. I'm going to do some reading, catch up on tv shows and movies, work out at the gym doing cardio while reading comics, and more importantly, spend time with my wife doing some cool stuff. I want a spiritual break, before I embark full time on The Saga of Rex Movie starting September 4th. The future is exciting!

Bye Bye Spider-Man
! Back on MLP Movie.
April 9th, 2017

My Little Pony: The Movie is going great, but the schedule has been extended beyond what we anticipated. I was initially supposed to end in February, and move on to Spider-Man: The Animated Movie in March.

When February came, the power at DHX (the studio responsible for creating the film) asked if it would be possible to extend my commitment until the summer. I would hate to leave half way through a production, so I agreed. And besides, I really enjoy working with the talented DHX team. I think people will be very surprised to see how good the film looks.

Sony, on the other hand, still wanted me to go on to Spider-Man starting in March. DHX agreed to let me go for three weeks so that I could help design/animate one of Spider-Man's key signature effect in the film, but come April, I had to return to MLP. Sony thanked me for my services and, since I'm no longer available for the immediate future, they decided to move on without me.

Unless someone at Sony Picture Animation unexpectedly comes calling after I finish MLP at the end of July, this was my last stint on Spider-Man. They seem happy with the material I created in the four months I was on the project in 2016/2017. Hopefully, I'll get a decent credit on the film.

These past three years working on big studio projects have taught me how important it is that I keep developing my more personal projects as well. After MLP, it's high time I start building The Saga of Rex Movie into a reality.

From Ponies to Spider
March 25th, 2017

This month, I'm back on the Spider-Man Animated Movie, after feverishly spending the last several months creating effects animation for My Little Pony: The Movie.

My second stint on Spider-Man is only a couple of weeks but in that short time, I need to try and figure out a crucial FX in the film. I will be resuming my work on My Little Pony: The Movie on April 3rd, and will stay on that production all the way to summer.

On Friday, March 17th, I spent the day at Sony Animation Pictures in Culver City, California, meeting with the two directors, the new art director, production designer, and several new members of the crew. I worked on Spidey from May to July 2016, and there's been a lot of new faces added to the production since then. It was great meeting everyone and getting a charge from all the creativity on display. This project has a lot of potential to be ground-breaking. Stoked to be a part of it!

After that, The Saga of Rex movie, I swear.

Some of my Iron Giant VFX for the Signature Edition
December 30th, 2016

Spending More Time with Ponies
December 4th, 2016

The work on the My Little Pony movie is moving along nicely.

I truly enjoy working on 2D animated features, as most animated films, nowadays, seem to be CG. Looks like 2D animation has been somewhat relegated to television—where some excellent work is being done, I must admit.

However, "feature films", are where animators can be a bit more indulgent and show off their chops. When a project comes my way, where I can put my 2D FX knowledge to maximum usage, it's always a treat.

I'm learning to work within the production pipeline which allows me greater flexibility and creative control. There is still much to do and I haven't even started on the big stuff yet. So much so, that Marcia (MLP Movie's producer) asked me if DHX could extend my contract by another two months.

I checked with Sony to make sure this would be OK with them (I'm scheduled to go on to the animated Spider-Man movie as soon as I finish work on the MLP movie) and they were fine with it. So, my new end date with DHX is now April 28th, 2017. I'm actually glad I'm going to be spending more time with the ponies. They're cute and the animation looks nice!

The Saga of Rex

October 23rd, 2016

Grid Animation (who currently hold the option for the movie) were not quite ready to start with production when my contract with Gearbox ended in March 2016, so I took on two other projects as VFX Stylist/VFX Lead on “My Little Pony: The Movie” and “Spider Man 2018” to cover the down time.

After I finish these two projects by Fall 2018, Rex will be my priority.

While Grid has been working on the financing and distribution, they also brought on board screenwriter, Jesper Møller, to help extend and consolidate the story into a 72-minute feature film. The result is glorious and needs to be properly handled. I’m signed as both, director and producer—this is my baby. The wait has been excruciating but I need to be patient so that I can make the film I want. In the meantime, I am working on two very cool features, and learning new things everyday.

Rex will have no dialogue. No stupid sidekick character. A visual symphony. It will be worth the wait.

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