ZED: Volume One ( 2002)

Collecting issues #1 through #4 of Michel Gagné's critically acclaimed series. When ZED goes to planet Xandria to demonstrate his invention in front of the galaxy's hierarchy, something goes wrong, terribly wrong...

Meet a most unusual cast of characters including: Krah, the loudest band in the universe, Maxuss, a sadistic tyrant, Macku and his incredible spaceship, and our unlikely hero ZED who gets caught in a deadly chain of traumatic events. An intense sci-fi series that will make you laugh one second and shock you the next. Introduction by Brad Bird, director of The Iron Giant. Also features an early concepts gallery and a pin-up by Phil (First World) Bourassa.

7" x 10", B&W, 104 Pages

Softcover ISBN 0-9666404-8-9 $14.95

Hardcover ISBN 0-9719053-0-4 $18.95

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