The Rejected "Nightmare" Storyboard

The Rejected "Nightmare"

Listen to the disturbing audio track (parental supervision advised).

In the middle of producing the interstitials for Nickelodeon, I started feeling like they were not scary enough - so I decided to try and push the edge a bit. The result was the first version of the "Nightmare".

I had a very strong sense of how I wanted the audio to sound for this one. I licensed a bunch of disturbing recordings of kids crying, screaming, hyper ventilating, etc...

I sent over the tracks to my sound engineer, Scott Andrew, showed him the storyboards for the spot, and asked him to assemble the scariest sound track imaginable.

Well, nothing could have prepared me for what Andrew came up with. The track was bone chilling and litterally nightmarish! I loved it! We sent the storyboards as well as the audio track to MTV Networks and Nickelodeon. Needless to say that the proposed spot was immediately turned down. I received a very funny email from Nick explaining how the demographic was 6-12 years old and how disturbing this spot could be to a child.

We reworked the spot into the current version of "Nightmare" which you can view on the main page.

Michel Gagné
November 9th, 2005