Comics Links

BEDEKA.ORG - Comic News from Quebec.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - CBLDF was founded in 1986 as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of First Amendment rights for members of the comics community.

Comic Book Resources - A big site that provides a look at the comic industry through interviews, press releases, reviews and behind the scenes articles. The site is updated daily, so there's always something new to read or look at.

Comics Continuum - A great source for daily news on the comics industry.

Digital Webbing - A cool and comprehensive site with news, reviews, art and a lot more. Digital Webbing is also a publishing imprint of high quality comics. Check out their latest releases.

Comicon Pulse News - A site featuring lots of interviews, comic book news, opinions & insights.

The Fourth Rail - Comic reviews by two of the most respected reviewers in the industry.

Marvel Masterworks Resource Page - Tons of info on various reprint projects from Marvel and DC (Masterworks, Archives, Essentials etc...) with a main emphasis on silver age.

Monster Blog - A celebration of the Marvel monster comics of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Here you’ll find the pulse-pounding tales of radiation run amok, of scientific experiments gone awry, of shape-shifting, mind-bending aliens from the furthest reaches of outer space!

Newsarama - Yet another great source for daily news, interviews and columns.

ORCA Fresh - Organized Readers of Comics Associated, or ORCA, is an international comic book association that is as aggressive and different as a 'killer whale' in its mission to promote the reading of comic books.

Sequential Tart - Monthly web-magazine, written from a female perspective. Great interviews and insight into the world of comics.

Silver Bullet Comics - Great website full of current info, news, interviews and various rambling about the wonderful world of comics.