Publishers Links

Astonish Comics - Home of Herobear and the kid and other animation style comics.

DC Comics - Home of Batman, Superman, the Flash and many other comic icons.

Drawn and Quarterly - Tle leading canadian publisher of independent comics and graphic novels.

Fantagraphics - Top notch independent, undergound and controversial comics and graphic novels.

Image Comics - The third largest North American comic publisher.

Konsequential Studios - Publisher of the very nice comic series A Monk's Tale - an action adventure comic that surrounds the journeys of three young monks in ancient China. The creators, Laurie and Kandrix, are two very swell people. Pay them a visit!

Kymera - Publishers of the French translation of ZED.

Marvel Comics - Publishers of Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, Captain America and many others.

ONI Press - Home to a lot of top independent creators.

Top Shelf - One of the very best independent graphic novel publisher.

Slave Labor Graphics - The masters of goth comics can be found here.

Summertime Books - Home of Ryan Woodward's The Invincible Ed and more. Ryan and I have worked on several projects together (including the creation of the Osmosis Jones title sequence). You can also check out more of Ryan's work at

TwoMorrows Publishing - Home of The Jack Kirby Collector, and many fanzines and books on comics and artists.

Young American Comics - The next generation of comic superstars. Pay them a visit.