Image by Michel Gagné

Session Start (AIM - forinterviewz:GAGNEINT): Mon May 12 15:52:31 2003
[03:53:35;PM] For Interviewz: alrighty. I finally got all my shit together. Ready?

[03:53:54;PM] GAGNEINT: Yep.

[03:54:16;PM] For Interviewz: Just to let you know all information answered or said within the duration of this interview will be directly posted on my site. I will not do any form of editing (not even puncuational or grammer related) which may or may not be to your advantage. Please specify weather or not you want anything changed after the session is over. You will recieve a copy of the interview prior to when it will be post for approval. If there are any objections,to anything, just let me know. Please Specify agreement.

[03:54:53;PM] GAGNEINT: Sounds fine.

[03:55:14;PM] For Interviewz: great

[03:55:47;PM] For Interviewz: So, to start this bit off I'll go with the basics: 1..What's your full name? \

[03:56:21;PM] GAGNEINT: Joseph Charles Michel Gagné.

[03:56:58;PM] For Interviewz: how do you say your last name?

[03:57:02;PM] For Interviewz: just outa curiosity

[03:57:36;PM] GAGNEINT: Ga n-yeh

[03:58:12;PM] For Interviewz: aaaah, okay

[03:58:23;PM] For Interviewz: 2. Where and when were you born?

[04:00:44;PM] GAGNEINT: I was born in 1965 in a small town called Roberval in the province of Québec.

[04:01:37;PM] For Interviewz: Yay for Canada

[04:03:09;PM] For Interviewz: 3. If you don't mind, would you expand a little on your life so far?(childhood-now)

[04:04:17;PM] GAGNEINT: Wow, that's a mighty big question! Could you be a bit more specific?

[04:05:24;PM] For Interviewz: I dono, it's a pretty blunt question. Pretend you are about 30 years older hahahah, grampa age.....and sum up your child hood, then your teen ears, then your early adult years and then now.

[04:05:36;PM] For Interviewz: pretty much what has shaped you into the person you are today.

[04:14:29;PM] GAGNEINT: Childhood: Sick a lot (asthma). Nine years in hospital. Read lots of comics. Saw Star Wars and wanted to work in movies. Introverted. Beat up by my dad a lot. Parents divorced. Shot in the eye at 12.

Teen: Discovered animation and wanted to become an animator. Hated high school and skipped most of my classes (except art). Drew a lot. Moved to Toronto to study animation. Learned to speak english.

[04:15:38;PM] For Interviewz: Beat up your dad, eh? And shot in the eye. Huh. That's enough said right now. Damn. haha, sorry Keep going

[04:19:02;PM] GAGNEINT: Adult: Moved to Los Angeles to work for Bluth. Moved to Ireland to work for Bluth. Moved back to L.A. Started working on more personal works. Married at 30 with the love of my life. Finished Prelude to Eden in 95. Published first book in 98. Became head of Special Effects on many movies. Created lots of artsy fartsy fine arts. Life is good.

[04:19:53;PM] GAGNEINT: OK, I need specifics now.

[04:20:07;PM] For Interviewz: Hahaha, Nah, that is good enough unless you'd like to expand more

[04:20:25;PM] For Interviewz: Wait, no

[04:20:28;PM] For Interviewz: I take that back

[04:20:53;PM] For Interviewz: I just realized you are coming up on the big 4-0, how do you feel about that?

[04:21:20;PM] GAGNEINT: Life is precious.

[04:21:53;PM] For Interviewz: Do you feel "over the hill" as most people like to refer to it as

[04:24:14;PM] GAGNEINT: No way, are you kiddin? I just moved to a nice quiet place in Washington states so I can really get going with my projects. As far as I'm concerned, iIm just getting started. "over the hill"... gimme a break!

[04:24:27;PM] For Interviewz: hahahahahaa

[04:24:47;PM] For Interviewz: not to add a log to the fire, but that's what my parents say too. :)

[04:25:01;PM] For Interviewz: So how about plans for brats? You got any, or plan to have any of your own little kiddies?

[04:30:10;PM] GAGNEINT: My wife has two kids from a previous marriage. They're all grown up now and live on their own in California. I came in when they were teenagers so I was more of a friend then a dad. As far as having my own, the answer is no. I even got a vasectomy when I was 30. My projects are my kids.

[04:30:48;PM] For Interviewz: hey, what do ya know, so did my dad!

[04:31:13;PM] For Interviewz: Good, fun. Alright, on to the next REAL question

[04:31:24;PM] For Interviewz: 4. Who/Where is most of your inspiration derived from?

[04:32:51;PM] GAGNEINT: From everything I see, touch, feel, and hear.

[04:33:13;PM] GAGNEINT: ...and read.

[04:33:23;PM] For Interviewz: Man, you need to start an art school so I can come study under you.

[04:34:19;PM] For Interviewz: 5. When do you think, you most clearly developed your style? (At What Point in life)

[04:37:08;PM] GAGNEINT: I think it's been very gradual. I can see hints of what was to be in drawings I did when I was 8 years old. There's no fixed point. It's an evolutionary process.

[04:38:18;PM] For Interviewz: yeah, I think actually, that's part of the reason i DON

[04:38:46;PM] For Interviewz: "T do freestyle as often, ...cause I have too much of a set way about my work, to really be able to do things the way I like, unless it's comic or 3d .:(

[04:39:01;PM] For Interviewz: 6. If "Mom and Dad" were looking over your shoulder right now, what do you think they'd say? Haha.

[04:39:47;PM] GAGNEINT: Well done, son!

[04:40:08;PM] For Interviewz: right on!

[04:40:18;PM] For Interviewz: 7. What's the best gift/fan art you've ever recieved?

[04:41:07;PM] GAGNEINT: Check this out: (Link:

[04:43:34;PM] For Interviewz: coooool

[04:43:57;PM] For Interviewz: what was that made out of?

[04:44:49;PM] GAGNEINT: I'm not sure. I think it's some sort of clay.

[04:45:38;PM] For Interviewz: looks almost like know those dragon skulptures that were real popular there for a while? Reisin scuptures (and I don't mean what is scraped out of a bowl)?

[04:48:13;PM] GAGNEINT: Yup.

[04:48:53;PM] For Interviewz: gah, anywho

[04:49:09;PM] For Interviewz: Oh geeeeeeeeeeeeeze...why didn't I think of this soooner!

[04:49:23;PM] For Interviewz: Who did you like growing up in the 70s?

[04:49:29;PM] For Interviewz: and 60s I guess.

[04:50:36;PM] GAGNEINT: What medium are we talking about here?

[04:51:08;PM] For Interviewz: never mind the fan art medium. Growing up in the 60s and 70s

[04:51:36;PM] For Interviewz: (you gave a bunny with to Alex? Dave just told me)

[04:52:20;PM] GAGNEINT: Yeah I did. Check it out: (Link:

[04:53:02;PM] For Interviewz: ooooooooh, I saw all those

[04:53:47;PM] GAGNEINT: What was the question again?

[04:54:00;PM] For Interviewz: hahah, sorry. How did you like growing up in the 70s

[04:55:43;PM] GAGNEINT: I guess it was fine.

[04:55:53;PM] For Interviewz: waah, no input?

[04:56:13;PM] For Interviewz: I know you were young...and the 80s was probably more your day...but you STLL had a good portion in the 70s

[04:59:23;PM] GAGNEINT: Yeah, allright. Here are a sampling of the things I loved: Gozilla movies, Star Wars, Jack Kirby, Starlog Magazine, Pink Floyd, early Anime stuff (translated in french)...

[05:00:34;PM] For Interviewz: translated in french? Haha. That musta been some TWISTED conversion. Does it look cool in the dubbing?

[05:01:37;PM] GAGNEINT: It looked cool to my young mind.

[05:02:12;PM] For Interviewz: Have you ever seen Willy Wanka and the Chocolate Facor ty in French?

[05:02:28;PM] GAGNEINT: Nope.

[05:02:55;PM] For Interviewz: Hmm..I advise you pick up the dvd and mess with the dubbing. It's quite amusing. Anywho...

[05:03:15;PM] For Interviewz: 9. Back to the personal questions: Who's your Favorite Artist(s)?

10. Musician(s)/Band(s)?

11. Author(s)?

12. What's your favorite Movie(s)?

[05:11:48;PM] GAGNEINT: Musicians: I love Manowar. I saw them in concert twice and I thought they were great. I love Therion, Rhapsody, Luca Turelli, The last Eminem (The Eminem Show) was so good. Symphony X and Kamelot are pretty good too. Old Iron Maiden is always nice. I like Black Sabbath with Dio (sorry Ozzy). Classical music is very cool at times. The Beattles are amazing. Alan Parson and Kansas are great when I'm in the mood.

[05:13:34;PM] For Interviewz: haha, rad

[05:17:16;PM] GAGNEINT: Authors: "Watership Down" from Richard Adams is one of my favorite book. I just read "Mutant Message from Down Under", from Marlo Morgan, the other day and was blown away. Myazaki wrote the greatest graphic novel of all time in my opinion (Nausicaa). Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Moebius, Alex Raymond (Flash Gordon) are other names that pops to mind but there's a lot more...

[05:17:53;PM] For Interviewz: Have you ever heard of Jonathan Nasaw?

[05:18:47;PM] GAGNEINT: Nope.

[05:20:02;PM] For Interviewz: Check you "The World On Blood" a novel or ...damn, I forgot the others...but check out his name. You might dig him. Anywho, sorry to interupt

[05:24:06;PM] GAGNEINT: Movies: Star Wars, The Secret of Nimh, 6 Degrees of Separation, The Lord of the Rings, Nightmare Before Christmas, Gee I dunno... my list seems to change every week. Logan's Run is totally nostalgic to me so I'd say it's up there. I never remember movies, but I know there's a whole bunch I like... Can I go to the next question now...

[05:24:40;PM] For Interviewz: no Land Before Time?!?!?! haha jk. yes.

[05:25:08;PM] For Interviewz: uuuuum, actually all the questions are up. The last one is : 13. Okay enough of there anything else that you would like to expand on?

[05:27:54;PM] GAGNEINT: I'll just say this: Art is my life and I will keep creating until I'm a decrepid piece of rotten meat! And I'll add to this that marrying Nancy was the greatest decision I've ever made.

[05:29:03;PM] For Interviewz: that's awesome. Well, I just want to tell YOU that, it's been a honor getting this interview, you have no earthly idea. I thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo super much.

[05:29:50;PM] GAGNEINT: Let me know when it's on-line and I'll put a link to it from my website.

[05:30:37;PM] For Interviewz: right on. Oh, and btw, as you might have noticed on the other interviews, there are personal banners. If you'd like to make one for your self, please, by all means, do, and send it on over. If not, the interview will be posted with out one.

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