Batman: Spore
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In December 2001, I received an email from DC editor, Matt Idelson. Matt wrote that he was a fan of my work and asked me if I'd consider doing a project for DC. After some reflection, I decided that I could do something really cool with Batman. There are many iconic qualities about his universe; the Bat-symbol, Gotham City, the Batcave and Batman himself. When I thought about all the possibilities, it put a big grin on my face. I wrote back and told him I'd like to do a full color 32 page story (which ended up expanding to 40 pages) with the Dark Knight. I asked him to let me write, pencil, ink, color and letter the whole thing, warning him that this would be a most different and outrageous version of the character. In a vote of confidence, Matt agreed.

The story that ensued was serialized in Detective Comics #776, #777, #778, #779 and #780, and created quite a controversy with the Batman fans. Pretty much everyone agreed on one thing though: this was probably the most insane Batman story ever published!

Here is what comic reviewers had to say about it:

"'s a gorgeous story. It's completely over the top and unlike anything you've probably ever seen in a Bat book."
- Augie De Blieck Jr (

"...whoever greenlit it deserves to be sentenced to do some community service for publishing this."
- Zach Couture (

"...kudos to Idelson [editor] for taking a chance on what I still think is a very strange tale."
- Tim O'Shea (

"...a whole lot of fun, and I guarantee it's completely unlike any Superman/Batman confrontation you've seen before."
- Randy Lander (

"My opinion of this serial, in which Batman gets infected by an alien virus that transforms his body, changes from moment to moment, but it's certainly one of the most unusual Batman stories of recent memory."
- Tony Isabella (Perpetual

"...very cool and very creepy."
- Rebecca Salek (

"...strangely interesting in its degree of weirdness."
- James Schee (Quality Comics Reads - QCR Reviews)

" odd experiment, blending Gagné's cartoon style and love for weird creatures, with Batman, and unsurprisingly it works very well. "
- d. emerson eddy (

" brought a radically different style to the forefront of mainstream comics."
- Don MacPherson (

- Frank Plowright (The Slings and Arrows Comic Guide: A Critical Assessment)

"...[Spore] makes no attempt to either explain itself or seek your forgiveness."
- David Kozlowski (