Vancouver Comicon - November 16th, 2003

A few weeks ago, I emailed Vancouver Comicon's organizer Leonard Wong to enquire about the convention. I was delighted when he answered by inviting me to be a special guest at the November show.

We arrived at the site of the convention at 10:00am on Sunday, November 16th. The event was set in a beautiful historical building in Vancouver's uptown called the Heritage Hall, designed by famed architect Archibald Campbell Hope. With coffees in hand, we set up our display while chatting with other exhibitors. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed. At 11:00am the doors opened to the public and a nice size crowd walked in. Our table was visited by many animation students and professionals who were eager to discuss the industry. It was fun meeting one of my old pal from Sheridan College, Andy Bartlett.

At the table next to us were talented artist/writer Steve Rolston and his blue haired girlfriend Sabina. Steve was promoting his new graphic novel One Bad Day and several of his projects.

The convention's doors closed at 5:00pm. Considering that the number of attendees was probably around 300 - 400, we did extremely well in terms of sales. Everyone was very nice and I had fun doing sketches.

After the con, we went for a drink with renowned animator Lance Taylor. We discussed animation and comics and both agreed that Nausicaa: Valley of The Wind is the greatest graphic novel ever written.

At 7:00pm, Nancy and I met up with Leonard, Steve & Sabina, Doug Wheatley and Kaare Andrews. Leonard graciously treated us to dinner at an all-you-can-eat suchi restaurant. It was delicious!

Later, we all went to Doug's hotel room to have a look at his amazing artwork. This guy is a major talent! His original comic pages were so beautiful - I just kept staring in awe! I was delighted to get one of his masterpieces for my personal collection. Making the choice on which page to get was not an easy task but I finally settled on this one from Superman: The last stand on Krypton (Click on image for a larger view).

For the remainder of the evening, we went bar hoping. I got plastered while Nancy, being the designated driver, remained sober.

Before returning home, we all headed to Steve and Sabina's apartment. I was once again thrilled to add another excellent piece to my evergrowing collection with one of Steve's pages from his graphic novel One Bad Day (click on image for a larger view)! I tell you, it felt like Christmas!

We'll definitely be back!

Michel Gagné, November 18th, 2003