DVD: Prelude to Eden and Selected Shorts

See what started it all! The embryo of my animation career all packaged in one convenient DVD, with all films remastered from the best possible sources.

This is what you get:

Prelude to Eden (1995)

An animation tour de force that took over four years to complete. The transfer was done utilizing the original 35mm negative and It's never looked better! Click here to find out the story behind the film.

A Touch of Deceit (1986)

My second student film. Plus: In 1995, I digitally remastered the film from the original 35mm negative and added a new original score (The first version used licenced music). Both versions are on the DVD.

On a Good Note (1985)

My very first student film. It's pretty pathetic but I thought I'd put it on there anyway!

Plus a really cool animated menu!