ZED gets animated by Dean Dodrill.

After posting the cover of ZED #8 on line, I was contacted by animator, Dean Dodrill, asking if it would be OK for him to do a little animation clip inspired by the cover. A couple of months later, I got this wonderful little film.

Here's what Dean had to say about how he made the clip:

"Most of the piece was done with CG. I used 3DSMAX and worked with a lot of custom textures to try and mimick the original artwork. Elements like fire and smoke are all CG, but highly stylized. Zed was done traditionally with paper, then scanned and colored in Photoshop. Composited with After Effects.

Of course, I have to give thanks to my little team here... my wife for help with coloring, and my brother for audio."

Watch the clip:

Quicktime SMALL - 250x135 12.5mb
Quicktime BIG - 500x270 16.5mb
Quicktime Huge - 640x346 28.5mb