- Douglas Pledger -

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Here is part of the email Douglas sent me with these pictures:

Dear Michel, hello there and greetings from London, UK. I found a copy of your rabbit book a couple of years back and fell in love with your work, absolutely superb, a real breath of fresh air which I needed!

Your artwork has been a great inspiration on my work. I've attached here [some] pictures: [one] is a cartoon I did, as an homage to your style, of this little alien mouse thing which my girlfriend Helen is looking at. [The rest are] some monsters superimposed onto photos I took at work around the studios. They too are pictures I did with a streak of Michel Gagné in. I hope you don't mind. If any of this is of any use to you for your website or whatever then by all means use it, you've given me that extra push, you and John K. Boy you guys can draw!

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