- Kevin Frostick -

Here are a few Insanely Twisted Rabbits that were sent to me with the following email:

Dear Mr Gagné,

My name is Kevin Frostick and I am a freelance animator working in London.

I have been a huge fan of your work ever since a friend of mine directed me to your website. Frenzied Fauna and Insanely Twisted Rabbits instantly became favourites in my book collection, and The Iron Giant has long been my favourite animated film of all time.

I am coming to the end of my current project and found myself with a bit of spare time in the studio. So I decided to do what I've been promising myself for a few months, and put together a few twisted rabbits of my own and send them to you.

Strangely addictive aren't they? I found it impossible to stop at one or two. So please find attached four twisted rabbits for you. I hope you like them - or at the very least I hope they cause a slight sneer.

Yours sincerely,

Kevin Frostick
www.captainwacky.com (under the pseudonym of Ruddiger Sturgeon)