- Erica Pinto -

Hi Mr. Gagne;

I've been a long time fan of your artwork and have had the great pleasure of meeting you on a couple occasions when you were still located in the Los Angeles area.  I work for Electronic Arts now as an animator and have one of your Twisted Rabbit sculptures by my desk. :)  EA has just come out with a new piece of software called the Spore Creature Creator, which is a great load of fun!  It makes it really easy to make all sorts of creative monsters, and almost immediately your style of creatures came to mind.  I looked at the sculpture for reference and tried to recreate the Spike Tail Rabbit in the program, and I think I had a little success!

It's really neat to see the rabbit walking around in 3D space and swinging his tail around.  I made a movie of some ambient behaviors here.

This little bit of "fanart" is just a way of saying thank you for being a great inspiration to me!  I look forward to getting the Shadow Puppets video game!

Erica Pinto