Sideshow Toy/Michel Gagne's Demon Dog Rabbit

Quick Review by Azog (J.Smith)


The first installment of the Michel Gagne's Insanely Twisted Rabbits, the Demon Dog Rabbit is truely a work of art from drawing to statue. Check out the slideshow to see the from drawing to statue pictures. As with all my statue reviews, I will cover packaging, paint application, and overall general comments.


The first thing you notice is the window of the box and how teeth surround it, an imitation of the huge grill of teeth the statue sports. The rabbit was packaged very well within styrofoam, tie downs, and plastic. The overall design and layout of the box is great, pictures of the drawn and statue versions of the rabbit decorate the box. (note: pictures open in a new window)


The paint application is even, smooth, and very little to no blending at the seems. This statue even more so then the Scarab Rabbit resembles the drawing by Michel Gagnes. Blue and gray paints are used for shadowing on the teeth. The base is painted to resemble stone. The face overall is a bit darker than I would prefer, but it still displays marvelously.

Overall/General Comments

TEETH, TEETH, TEETH, a noticable trend in Gagne's rabbits are the teeth on his rabbits. This statue was a welcome addition to my collection, as I have been hunting for close to a year. Matt Falls has done an excellent job of capturing Michel Gagne's drawing. The detail with the spikes on the back and the long tail really make this statue unique. For the statue's size it is very well done., approximate measurements are 3.25" H x 7.25" W. I was very suprised when I received the rabbit, as its size was much smaller than I imagined. The Demon Dog sold out long ago, and can not be found anywhere but the occassional ebay auction. Enjoy the pics, and if you have an opportunity to pick this up, I highly recommend you do. Also the Scarab Rabbit and Spiked Tail Rabbits are still available at Sideshow, click the banners to purchase.


Scarab Rabbit Twisted Rabbit No 2

Spike Tail Rabbit rabbits