Sideshow Toy/Michel Gagne's Scarab Rabbit


Finally got the second installment of the Michel Gagne's Insanely Twisted Rabbits series from Sideshow Toys. I was very impressed with the Demon Dog Rabbit, which still has a review coming. This newest edition, The Scarab Rabbit, is equally impressive, however I was disappointed with some production choices, as I will go into later. The Scarab Rabbit like the Demon Dog was sculpted by Matt Falls from drawings created by Michel Gagnes. As with all my statue reviews, I will cover packaging, paint application, and overall general comments.


This was my biggest disappointment with this rabbit. Unlike its predecessor, this was a solid box, not a window box like the Demon Dog so displaying it while still boxed is not an option. However, when I opened the styrofoam packing was not completely covering the rabbit, as if Sideshow initially had plans for a windowed box, but somewhere, someone's mind was changed. The box in general is very pleasing, several shots of the rabbit our found an the four vertical sides, while on top the original drawing from Gagne is pictures, and on bottom are copyright details and edition number and size. This particular rabbit is number 267. (note: pictures open in a new window)


As with most Sideshow Toy products paint application is even, smooth, and very little to no blending at the seems. Around the bottoms of the teeth are shadowing which initially give them a dirty look, but when display in proper lighting gives the teeth quite a bite of detail. The same application was applied around the toes. The bases is painted to resemble stone, and is done very well. The eyes are painted solid black, and these is not thin coverage areas.

Overall/General Comments

Just like the Demon Dog, this rabbit is teeth, teeth, and more teeth. I am very excited to add it to my collection. Matt Falls has done a tremendous job of capturing Michel Gagne's drawing. For the statue's size it is very well done. Approximate measurements are 5.75" H (146mm) x 6.5" W (165mm) x 4" D (101mm), a very small statue, but well worth Sideshow's $40.00 price tag, as it is a limited edition of 1000, and fabulous work of art. Sideshow still has the Scarab for purchase, however numbers a getting low. The Demon Dog sold out long ago, and can not be found anywhere, rarely have we found ebay listings for it. The next edition in this line up is the Spike Tailed Rabbit which debuted at SDCC and is due out in the second quarter of 2005. Enjoy the pictures and click them for a larger image. If you want to purchase the Scarab click the banner at the bottom of the page to go directly to Sideshow's page.

Scarab Rabbit Twisted Rabbit No 2