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Feedback | Archives Tuesday October 30, 2001


[Insanely Twisted Rabbits]INSANELY TWISTED RABBITS is a bizarre book from the pen of Michel Gagne. It's an art book. There's no narrative. There's no sequential art. It's a slim (36 pages) hardcover book (published by the artist's own Gagne International Press) filled with drawings of rabbits that have been wildly deformed. It's printed on nice solid white paper in a slightly wide format.

It seems that Gagne and an animator friend of his were practicing the oldest game in the book one upsmanship. Gagne would draw a crazy looking rabbit. Then his friend would draw one. Gagne would answer with something even more twisted, and the cycle would repeat itself.

What you get in the end are a series of surreal pencil images of deformed rabbits with out of proportion bodies, spiky appendages, tusks, claws, and more. Some are cute, some look like the ravings of a delusional child. There's nothing to compare it to. You can see some of the images at Gagne's web site.

The downside to the book is that it is a $15 hardcover. It's kind of pricey for such a light book. But it is entertaining, if only for $5. If it were in a plain comic book for $3, I'd probably have no problem recommending it.

Coming up on Friday: I haven't a clue. But it'll be huge and you'll want to read it. I'm sure. Keep an eye out on the Pipeline message board. That'll be the first place I post the topic on.

You can e-mail me your comments on this column, or post them for all the world to see and respond to over on the Pipeline Message Board.

More than 250 columns are archived here at CBR and you can get to them from the Pipeline Archive page. They're sorted chronologically. The first 100 columns or so are still available at the Original Pipeline page, a horrifically coded piece of HTML.

Augie De Blieck Jr.
Staff Writer, CBR
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