Thursday, January 20, 2005

Zed 3, 4, and 5 Review

Created, written, and illustrated by Michel Gagne
Gagne International Press $2.95 each

Zed, the story of the cutest alien in the universe, continues in three more issues from 2002 and 2004. Issue three begins with Zed under the protection of the emperor of Gallos. Everyone is trying to figure out what really happened on the planet Xandria. Zed's invention couldn't have blown up the planet. Uber-baddie General Maxuss still has all intentions of finding and slaughtering Zed.

The book is visually stunning. Each issue just gets more and more incredible. It would have been great if Gagne could have printed the books in color because the landscapes are lush and amazing. Imagining them in color is fun, but the real thing would be quite a treat. Black and white printing isn't a detriment to the book, however. Gagne does a lot with a full spectrum of grays.

The best thing about the books is definitely Zed himself. He is so cute. Every expression is priceless. I've never seen such an emotional little creature before. Each face Zed makes is entirely believable. Gagne has the amazing ability to turn a few simple lines into the most heart-wrenching face ever drawn. I felt for him completely. This character is so compelling, I still contest he would make a great stuffed animal, animated series or movie.

The star of the series is definitely Zed and the art, but the story continues to be good. Issue five has a surprising turn that made the whole adventure less predictable. This was a welcome change of pace that makes the story much better.

The next issue of Zed is scheduled for a May 2005 release. It is certainly worth the wait.

Bottom Line: A-


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