- Review from FILMSON -

This review is no longer on the web. Fortunately, I made a copy of it before it disappeared. It originally came out sometime in 2001. Filmson was a website that reviewed short films from various film sites such as AtomFilms, ifilms etc...


Prelude to Eden


SYNOPSIS: Long before there was life on Earth, or before there was even an Earth in the galaxy, or before there was even a galaxy in the universe, or, indeed, before there was even a universe at all, there was an epic battle between opposite forces. Illustrating this concept in an animation tour-de-force, Prelude to Eden captures a battle of gargantuan proportions, a fight to the fiery finish between two atoms for eventual domination of all of life as we know it. The outcome of this epic clash is bound to affect all of creation, even going so far as to create the spark, which triggered the explosion now known as The Big Bang. Flowing, colorful animation that captures all the action and high drama with classic style, Prelude to Eden is accompanied by a massively proportioned soundtrack for that properly epic feel.

At the risk of sounding like an overly-simplistic pot-smoking California mall-rat with nothing better to say, there's truly only one word that can effectively capture how I feel about Prelude to Eden: WOW! The mythological feel combined with the beautifully flowing motion and the potent addition of one of the most powerful and moving pieces of short film music I've heard in a while make this one a winner, especially for you sci-fi animation freaks. Drop whatever you're doing and watch this movie NOW!

- Jon Bush