by Randy Lander

ZED: Volume One
by Michel Gagne (Gagne International Press)

Michel Gagne is a talent from the world of animation whose work I was first introduced to when I read the first three issues of Zed. In San Diego, Gagne passed me a copy of Zed Volume One, which collects #1-4 of the series into a very attractive and affordable package. Zed is best described as Dr. Seuss with a bodycount. The lead character, a cute and intelligent alien named Zed, accidentally blows up a planet (with his parents and the scientific community) on it in the first issue, and spends the rest of the story pursued by a militaristic general and his fleet, intent on using this accident to replace the sitting government. The last issue has a few revelations about the accident, though, which turn the whole story on its head, including the return of some of my favorite characters from the first issue.

I greatly enjoyed Zed, and was a little saddened to discover that this was just volume one of the story. Not because I don't want to read more, in fact I'm very anxious to read more, but I was dying to see the end of the story, and now I have to wait. But Gagne, who already surprised me more than once with Zed #1-3, introduces some big shifts and revelations in the story with #4, and I can't recommend the trade highly enough.

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