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ADHD Program


“Brain Balancing Solutions” is a holistic program that is specifically designed to help individuals suffering from attention deficit, hyperactivity, learning disorders, dyslexia, behavioral disorders, developmental delay and autism spectrum disorders without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.


We start by doing a very comprehensive evaluation using neuro-behavioral questionnaires, in-depth health history, clinical exam and various objective tests of brain function. We then combine the best of natural approaches in a structured, guided, step-by-step proprietary system that gets effective results without the use of drugs. Our program includes, but is not limited to, Network Spinal Analysis, healthy lifestyle counseling, detoxifying, gut balancing, nutritional supplementation, brain-balancing exercises, and the Interactive Metronome.

The program is individualized to the need of the person and regular re-evaluations are performed to ensure we get the progress that you deserve.

The Benefits of Brain Balancing

  1. Improvement and, in some cases, recovery from specific problems
  2. Reduction in hyperactivity and impulsivity
  3. Reduction of distractibility and improvement in attention and concentration
  4. Reduction of aggressive behavior and improvement in overall behavior and conduct
  5. Improvement in timing, coordination, balance and motor control
  6. Improved motivation, self-esteem and socialization
  7. Improvement in medically unexplained physical and emotional symptoms

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