REVIEWS "Fantastic animation, great control, demanding tasks, and beautiful sound" 10/10

Armless Octopus: "To put it simply, ITSP is a very, very beautiful game." 5/5 Reviews ITSP: "my favorite in this year's summer of arcade" 9/10

EuroGamer Sweden: "outstanding design and smart puzzles" 9/10

Flush The Fashion: "You’d be insane not to try it." 9/10

Planet Xbox 360: "a treasure to be respected." 9/10

PikiGeek: "pure gameplay bliss" 5/5

MediaKick: "slick and polished gameplay and impressive atmosphere" Grade: A

MTV: "In addition to being gorgeous, it's incredibly creative and memorable."

GamesThirst: "there are few other games that deliver such a well crafted experience"

Gamestyle: "lovingly-crafted, full of charm and invention from the very start." 9/10

B-Sides: "ITSP is a very original and creative game" 9/10

Extra Guy: "striking" Grade: A

God is a GeeK: " instant classic" 10/10

The Sixth Axis: "a triumph in almost every way possible." 10/10

IRB Gamer: "spectacular" 5/5

TheControllerOnLine: "I totally fell in love with the way this game was presented." 9/10

XXL Gaming: "this game is not only a visual masterpiece but a fantastic game to play from start to finish. " 87/100

ReadyUpLive: "your jaw will drop." 9/10 "Insane? No... it's Genius" 95/100

Impulse Gamer: "a dazzling brilliant game" 96/100

NJoystic: "a complete joy to play'" 9.5/10 "a truly brilliant game" 9/10

SFX-360:"Wow!" 9.6/10

XBLA Fans: "you’ll never want to be done exploring the depths of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Buy it!"

Game Dynamo: "a wonderfully artistic and wholly enjoyable nostalgic masterpiece." 88/100

Vivid Gamer: "incredibly detailed and downright gorgeous" 9/10

Brutal Gamer: "a really beautiful and fun game with its own personality" 9/10

Game-Smack Ireland: "subtle yet brilliant" 8.9/10

Marooners Rock: "brilliantly stunning" 90/100

Brain Lazy: "a feast for the senses." 9.3/10

RotoRob: "From the incredible art style to the stellar gameplay, ITSP absolutely crushes it." 4.5/5 "an absolute must buy" Grade: A

Time Magazine: "dangerously seductive" 8.7/10 "Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is one the best Xbox Live Arcade games. Period."

The Review Crew: "The stylish art direction alone make this title worth playing." 9/10 "an early contender for Arcade Game of the Year" - "one of the best XBLA games I have ever played" 6/6

Crusty Kritics:" a beautifully created alien world." 9/10

Daily Joypad: "Brilliant" 5/5

Game Vortex: "if you want something that truly feels like the arcade titles of days past made current for the 21st century, drop your money on a copy of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet." 95/100

Xbox Hornet: "as much chock full of fantastic gaming content as it is fantastic beautiful art." 9.5/10

Xbox 360 TRiBE: "Must Have" 9.2/10

ReactionTime: "Superb" 9/10

Game Breakers: "solid gunplay, striking graphics, and a rich atmosphere" 9/10

Game Rant: "could very well be Summer of Arcade’s finest hour" 4.5/5

VG Revolution: "it will definitely impress you with its intriguing style and engaging gameplay." 9/10

The Gamers' Temple: "The only thing insane here would be your failure to download this game." 95/100

Honest Xbox Reviews: "I loved every second I have spent with it" 4.5/5

VVGTV: " It brings excitement and thrills to your living room." 4.7/5

Liverpool Echo: "great atmosphere" 9/10

n00b Alert: "Everything about this game is great from the opening cut scene to the final boss." 9/10

Playboy: "the game stands tall as yet another Summer of Arcade hit."

7 out of 10: "I cannot recommend this highly enough." 9/10

This Is My Joystick: "The crown jewel of this years Summer of Arcade line-up. An absolute triumph!"

Gaming XP: "Summer of Arcade once again delivers one of the best Arcade titles of the year." 87/100

JGGH Games: "One of the most innovative, brilliant and truly gorgeous platforming games I have ever played"

Paranerds: "If you’re having trouble deciding on a XBLA summer arcade. Look no further" 9/10

Game Front: "it’s fun, full of old school exploration and absolutely gorgeous." 95/100

Game Splash: "an experience unlike any other" 9/10

R4G: "a great experience " 5/5

Ready Up: "It is astounding beautiful, fun, fresh and utterly unique." 9/10

The Married Gamers: "you need to purchase and play it now!" 5/5