The Iron Giant FX Animation

This is the raw FX Animation I did for The Iron Giant Dream Sequence from the Signature Edition. The assets were later composited at Duncan Studios, which handled the production of the Signature Edition additional scenes. I waited 15+ years to animate the FX in this sequence. It was nice to finally have closure.

Here are the preliminary effects designs I presented to Brad Bird before moving ahead with the animation.

Pre-Production Designs

The Dome of Doom


One of the sequences I was responsible for creating the effects for, was the part where the giant generates an orb from his chest and lunches it over the ocean. My assistant (Matt Manners) and I nicknamed the sequence "The Dome of Doom".

Read about the making of the "Dome of Doom" effects below.

The Lake Tidal Wave


The first sequence I was given to animate on The Iron Giant was "The Lake Tidal Wave". I was never very keen on animating water and looked at the task as a bit of a burden. Nevertheless, I saw it as a challenge and began working hard.

Read about the making of the "Lake Tidal Wave" effects below.

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