XEKO - Mission: Costa Rica

Starter Set: $31.99

Booster Pack: $3.99 each

Since ancient times, a secret order called Xeko has protected the planet from those who would do it harm. Join Xeko Masters on their latest mission to protect Costa Rica, a land where amazing animals live between the fiery volcanoes and tropical beaches. The land's future is in each player's hands and the power to save is in the cards!

XEKO Mission: Costa Rica Starter Set comes packaged in a collectible storage box that contains an oversized play mat with a poster on the back, 50 cards for a 2-player game, two learn-to-play guides, two limited edition sketch cards and a bonus CD that contains a Xeko screen saver and other goodies. All Xeko collections are playable with one another, and players can mix and match to build custom decks. Ancient Xeko forces are joining together to defend the most fascinating and most threatened places on earth. The search is on for the next generation of Xeko Masters.

Booster packs contain nine cards in a random selection of the 150-card collection, and every Booster Pack includes at least one endangered card (the rarer the animal in the real world, the harder that Species card is to come by).

Are you ready for the awesome animals, globe-trotting fun, eye-popping art and brain-stimulating strategy?

Creative Child Magazine Toy of the Year for 2006; 2006 Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center

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