The Music of
Prelude to Eden

Shirley Walker (1945-2006)

In 1995, I approached Shirley Walker (Batman: The Animated Series) to do the scoring for my short film, Prelude to Eden.  What she delivered to me was beyond any of my expectations. She created a symphonic piece that was powerful and epic. I didn't think the recording that was done on a synthesizer did justice to her magnificent composition, so I decide to hire a 33-piece orchestra to record the massive score.

The Prelude to Eden Recording Session (Burbank, CA, 1995)

The Recordings

Prelude to Eden Score - Final Mix (3:36 min. / 5mb)

Below is a series of MP3s (provided to me by Prelude to Eden's sound maestro, Joe Campana) detailing the recording session. It's pretty fascinating to hear Shirley and the orchestra rehearsing. This was the very first time I heard the score being performed by an orchestra, so you can imagine how amazing it was to be sitting there and hearing all this.

In the studio (5:42 min. / 5mb): Shirley talks to the musicians and gives instructions.

Rehearsal (3:49 min. / 3.5mb): The very first time the score is performed by the orchestra.

Tuning up (3:20 min. / 3mb): Musicians are tuning up as Shirley continues to give instructions.

OK Folks (1:51 min. / 1.5mb): Shirley and the musicians are getting ready for take one. You can also hear score mixer, Doug Botnick, in there.

Strings - Take One (5:14 min. / 4.8mb): This is the first take of the string and wood wind instruments. You can hear Shirley stopping the whole thing in the middle and starting over. She also jokes about how my hard earned money is being quickly spent!

Strings - Take Two (3:33 min. / 3.2mb): This is a great track. Not sure if that was the one used in the final mix but it sounds perfect to my ears. It's interesting to hear the score without the brass and percussion instruments.

I think we got it! (17 sec. / 0.2mb): Shirley seems pretty happy with the last take!

Getting Ready for the Brass Take (3:21 min. / 3mb): The musicians rehearse as Shirley jokes around!

Percussions Only (3:36 min. / 5mb): The percussion track was recorded seperately. This is the take that was used in the final mix.

Some Photos

Shirley Walker, Michel Gagné and the Prelude to Eden Orchestra outside the recording studio.

Shirley laughing at one of Michel's stupid jokes.

Joe Campana (sound editor), Shirley Walker and Michel Gagné reviewing notes at the recording session.

Shirley about to conduct the Prelude to Eden Orchestra.

The Orchestra

Composer, Orchestrator and Conductor
  Shirley Walker
  Kathi Lenski
  Dorothy Wade
  Joy Lyle
  Mari Tsumura
  Irma Neumann
  Lisa Johnson
  Henri Ferber
  Sid Page
  Steve Erdodyi
  Miguel Martinez
  Paula Hochhalter
  Judy Johnson
  Francis Lui Wu
  Ian Walker
  Gayle Levant
  Susan Greenberg
    Steve Kujala
  Malcolm Nab
  Rick Baptist
  Charlie Loper
  George Thatcher
  Don Waldrop
French Horns
  Marni Johnson
  Jim Atkinson
  Mike Englander
  Jerry Williams
  Judy Chilnick
Scoring Mixer
  Doug Botnick

Shirley Walker passed away from a brain aneurism on November 30, 2006.

She was amazingly generous with her talent, time and expertise and always a consumate professional who enjoyed her work a great deal.

Shirley will be missed by many who were lucky enough to have known her. This page is dedicated to her.