Prelude to Eden


The Making of Prelude to Eden

I started the film in 1991 after coming back to America from a 4-year stint at the Bluth unit in Ireland. I’d just transferred back to the LA branch and I was pretty depressed. I was looking for an outlet to give some kind of meaning to my life.

Some people join churches and organizations, me, I just immersed myself into this project. Read more...

The Music of Prelude to Eden

In 1995, I approached Shirley Walker (Batman: The Animated Series) to do the scoring for my short film, Prelude to Eden.  What she delivered to me was beyond any of my expectations. She created a symphonic piece that was powerful and epic.

I didn't think the recording that was done on a synthesizer did justice to her magnificent composition, so I decide to hire a 33-piece orchestra to record the massive score. (Read more...)

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Directed and Produced by
  Michel Gagné
Art Direction
  Barry Atkinson
  Barry Atkinson
  Sean Sullivan
  Bob Simmons
  Michel Gagné
Additional Animation
  Nasos Vakalis
  Mark Koetsier
  Dave Brewster
  James Mansfield
  Kevin Johnson
Additional Clean-up
  Scott A. Sackett
  Bob Miller
  Dave Kracov
  Joe Campana
  Shirley Walker
  Kathi Lenski
  Dorothy Wade
  Joy Lyle
  Mari Tsumura
  Irma Neumann
  Lisa Johnson
  Henri Ferber
  Sid Page
  Steve Erdodyi
  Miguel Martinez
  Paula Hochhalter
  Judy Johnson
  Francis Lui Wu
  Ian Walker
  Gayle Levant
  Susan Greenberg
    Steve Kujala
  Malcolm Nab
  Rick Baptist
  Charlie Loper
  George Thatcher
  Don Waldrop
French Horns
  Marni Johnson
  Jim Atkinson
  Mike Englander
  Jerry Williams
  Judy Chilnick
Scoring Mixer
  Doug Botnick
Digital Ink and Paint / Compositing
  Jon Hooper
  Michel Gagné
Computer Software by
  ANIMO - Cambridge Animation Sys., Ltd., Cambridge, UK
Digital Film Transfer by
  Kodak Cinesite (London)
Special Thanks to
  Sunny Apinchpong
    Shane Zalvin
    John Dillon
    The Cambridge Animation Staff
    Copyright ©1995 Michel Gagné

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