June 17, 2002

Click here to read the latest review of ZED from The Small Press Magazine. It's a really good one!

June 10, 2002

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June 4, 2002

A Search for Meaning: The Story of Rex and Zed : Volume One have arrived and they look great. Thanks to all the people who have been supporting my work. I really appreciate it.

Yesterday, I went to Disney Feature Animation to deliver my first animation assignment from Pixar. I hope Brad (the director) likes it.

While at Disney, I ran into a bunch of old friends. It was a lot of fun. It was good to see Mark Koetsier. Mark is a tremendous animator, one of the few who did some work on Prelude to Eden. He is also working on a book, and I can't wait to see it.

May 21, 2002

Recently, I did a little interview with Derick Brooks, a student from the Art Institute of Washington, located in Arlington, VA. One of the assignment for his Introduction to Media Arts and Animation class was to try and get in contact with, and conduct an interview with one of his favorite artist who was, or had been involved in the animation industry. I asked him if I could post the interview on my site and he graciously agreed. Click here to check it out.

May 16, 2002

The wait is over!

ZED #4 is here!

Click here to check it out!

May 14 , 2002


R.I.P. Bill Peet


May 11, 2002

Here is a little update on my Batman project. DC received the first part last week. I got a call on Tuesday from my editor, Matt Idelson, and he loved it. He called it "such a breath of fresh air". Frankly, I am a bit relieved, 'cause what I'm doing is so far out! Anyhow, the 4-part story will run in Detective Comics starting with issue 776, which will be out this coming November. I don't feel I have the right to post any art from it since this is a DC project, but in order to wet your appetite, I posted a cropped image of one of the panel. This is pretty much all I'll be divulging until the release, unless I get authorization from DC to post more...

May 08, 2002

I just put one of our upcoming book on line. Not just a few pages - I'm talking the entire book here. A Search For Meaning: The Story of Rex was the first book I ever wrote and it is still very close to my heart. I was sad when we sold out last year and immediately started thinking on how I would reprint it. Since this was the first book I ever did, I felt that many improvements could be made. So I went back and redid the whole layout, I created a new cover and backcover, I used a different font, which I felt suited the book a little more, and most of all, I colored all the illustrations. The new edition is also a hard cover and it is printed on 100lbs high quality paper. I hope you will enjoy it! Click here to check it out! And remember, you'll be able to order the book from us as early as June.

For those of you who bought the first edition, hold on to them! Only 1000 were printed and they are quickly becoming true collector's items.

May 03, 2002

Last Saturday I went to a sketching party. Most of the people there were from the Shane Glines posting board. They told me about an Insanely Twisted Rabbits thread that Shane, That Maize Kid had started. I was quite amused to see how my little book had spawned all these babies! The rabbit on the right is by Jake Parker. Check out the thread here.


This is Fido, the star of my latest comic strip Hideous Pet Trick. If you want to know what happens to him (and trust me, it ain't pretty) check out the latest issue of Animation Blast Magazine!

May 01, 2002

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books was a success. The Golden Apple Booth was very busy the whole weekend. I had a great time. I hope they ask me to sign again next year! It was good to see my pal George Gladir (creator of Sabrina and writer of Archie). He sure had a good laugh looking at my latest book Frenzied Fauna.

Wendy and Richard Pini were also at the booth signing their Elquest books. They are pioneers in the realm of self-publishing comics and graphic novels, and have remained very active in the business for over 20 years. I remember buying the first four Elfquest books while I was at Sheridan College in the early eighties. It was delightful to meet the creators in person and to realize that they were also fans of my work! I got myself two new Elquest books and Wendy drew a nice picture for me in one of them. You can check out their website here.