July 26, 2002

Guess what book made Diamond's staff pick this month. Click here to find out.

July 22, 2002

Well folks, once again it's almost time for San Diego Comic Con and my beloved wife and I are excited! I can't wait to meet a bunch of you and sketch for people until my hand goes gangrene. We just finished putting together an 8' by 12' display for our booth. We're doing some last minute preparations and we're leaving for San Diego Wednesday (July 31) morning. We have a very busy schedule once we get there. Lots of folks to talk to and have dinner with. We'll be meeting Bill Schanes, Diamond's vice president of purchasing, to discuss new distribution stategies that will put our books on the shelves of major bookstores accross the world. Check out this press release for more details.

If you attend the convention, make sure you look for us in the independent publisher pavillion. Our booth number is 1904. We'll be located right next to the fine folks from Animation Hut (Amid Amidi, Shane Glines, Gabe Swar and Will Ryan). I'll also make appearences at the following locations and time:

Friday, August 2, from 5:30 to 7:00 - Batman Presentation at the DC Booth

Saturday, August 3, from 5:30 to 7:00 - Batman Presentation at the DC Booth

Sunday, August 4, from 2:00 to 3:00 - Signing at the Last Gasp Booth

July 17, 2002

Here are two pages of my Batman project that were released to the press by DC Comics. Since you can find them around the web, I decided to post them here on the site. You can click on both images to see a larger version. And for a complete update on the project, check out this interview from Silver Bullet Comics.

July 14, 2002

Comic Continuum has posted two pages from my upcoming Batman story which will run in Detective Comics 776-780. Click here to check it out!

July 8, 2002


R.I.P. Ward Kimball


July 6, 2002

A couple of weeks ago, Paul, the owner of the comic shop House of Secrets in Burbank, asked me if I'd like to participate to a comic project he's been putting together. He showed me the work that had been done so far, and I was pretty blown away. Essentially, he wrote a story, and then asked various comic artists to do one panel for which he gives you a description. The artists don't know what comes before or after their panel. He also gives everyone the same paper and pencil sets. The book will be published next year and from what I've seen, it should get a great buzz in the comic biz.

This is what I came up with based on his description. You can click on the image to see a larger version.

July 5, 2002

Here is part of an email I received from James Prevette, a student in Vancouver BC.

"One of my fellow classmates came to class one day with a book of insanely twisted rabbits. I was VERY inspired by your work! I am studying to be a digital modeler and I am constantly looking for something challenging to model. I find it more of a challenge to model from someone else's vision so I thought I would show you what I am working on!"

Well folks, as you can see above, the insanely twisted madness is still in full gear...

July 2 , 2002

Spread the word!

Zed #4 is currently being solicited in July's Previews and once again, it received the "certified cool" seal of approval. If you've missed out on the series, they are also offering the complete 4-issue set for only $10.00. You can't go wrong with that. So let your comic retailer know about it, will ya...

If you want to hear what the critics have been saying about Zed, click here and check out the reviews.

And for those who don't know, Previews is the monthly catalog of Diamond Comic Distributors, the world's largest distributor of English-language comic books, graphic novels and related pop-culture merchandise.


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