January 31 - February 2, 2003

I will be signing at the Golden Apple Comics booth all 3 days (Jan 31 - Feb 2) of the Pasedena Comic Book convention. Please come and say hi if you happen to be in the neighborhood. This should be a fun time as I'm looking forward to see a lot of my friends from the L.A. area. There's also a very impressive guest list including: Stan Lee, Rob Zombie, Dave Stevens, John Romita Jr. & Sr and many many more. Click here for additional details, schedule and the full guest list. The address for the event is:

Pasadena Center
300 E. Green Street
Pasadena, CA

January 24, 2003

This is a little drawing of Zed (my comic book hero) that was e-mailed to me by artist / animator Royden Lepp. I thought it was totally adorable. One of the cutest thing I've ever seen! I just had to share it with you. Royden also wrote that he was currently working on his first storybook. I can't wait to see it!

January 13, 2003

The nominations for the 2003 URSA Major Awards are in! I'm happy to report that my book "A Search for Meaning: The Story of Rex" received a nomination in the "Best Anthropomorphic - Other Literary Work" category. Click here for the full list of nominees.

The Ursa Major Awards are Anthropomorphic (a.k.a. Furry) Fandom's equivalents of s-f fandom's Hugo Awards, mystery fandom's Anthony Awards, horror fandom's Bram Stoker Awards, and so forth. The Ursa Majors are administered and presented by The ConFurence Group, a membership organization dedicated to promoting anthropomorphic fandom-related events. Nominations for the awards are open to the public, but voting on the final ballot is limited to members of the annual ConFurence convention. The physical award consists of an illustrated trophy certificate or plaque, designed each year by one of the ConFurence's Artist Guests-of-Honor.

January 06, 2003

Tim O'Shea, one of the leading comic reviewers, devoted his last column to my work. Tim reviewed the first installment of Batman:Spore a couple of months ago and hated it! A month later, his opinion started to shift when he reviewed the second installment. It seems that now, Tim has been fully converted, which makes me happy since I enjoy reading his reviews and I'd rather be on his good side! Check out the article here.

January 03, 2003


We just got back from a little vacation in Vancouver and I'm ready to hit the drawing board. I've got a lot of super cool projects in the works which I'm really jazzed about.

On the animation front, it looks like the Pixar gig (Brad Bird's film) will continue without me. They were very happy with the work I produced, although they decided to go another route for the special effects.

The day following my discussion with Pixar, the director of another animation project contacted me about creating special effects for his show. Like I've stated before, I only take film projects if they inspire me. Well, I'm quite excited about this one. The work will probably begin this month and I'll fill you in on the details as soon as the deal is done.

On the publishing end, I will have a couple of new books (maybe 3) coming out in 2003. One of them is a 200-page graphic novel for adults only! This is definitely not a book you'll want to buy for your kids.

My 5-part Batman story entitled SPORE, will keep running in Detective Comics until March. The newest issue (#778) featuring part #3, came out in comic stores this week.

As a reminder - I'm buying 100 copies of each installment, which I will sell as a complete set through my site (starting in March) and at conventions. Every set will be signed and will sell for the added cover price of the five issues (same as if you were to buy it on the stand).

To the right is one of the pages of the third installment. You can click on it for a larger version.

And then there are the toys. June 2003 will mark the debut of the Gagné Collection. The press release outlining our deal with SideShow Toys and Collectibles will be out very soon. I will post it on this very page in the upcoming days.


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