December 22, 2002

Click here to see a little preview of my upcoming book The Towers of Numar.

December 8, 2002

I recently found out that my books A Search for Meaning: The Story of Rex and Zed: Volume One had made the recommended list for the URSA award nominations. Since none of my books have ever won or been nominated for anything, that would be really cool if I could make the nomination list. So if you're a fan, this would be a great time to show your support! Here's the info that was sent to me:

Nominations (up to five in each category) for the 2003 Ursa Major Awards for the best anthropomorphic literature and art of 2002 in nine categories, to be presented at ConFurence 2003 in April 2003, are now open. They will remain open until January 7, 2003, when they will close so the nominations can be counted and the voting ballot prepared. The voting ballot will contain the five highest nominees in each category.

Nominations are to cover anthropomorphic motion pictures, TV programs, fiction, artwork, publications and games first published during the calendar year from January 1 through December 31, 2002.

See the 2002 Recommended Anthropomorphic Reading/Viewing List for the specific categories, and for some recommendations in each category. Nominations are not limited to titles on the Reading/Viewing List if you wish to nominate something else that is eligible.

There is no nomination form. Simply send your nominations by letter (postmarked by January 7, 2003) to:

ConFurence Group
(attention: Ursa Major Awards)
P. O. Box 84721
San Diego, California 92138-4721

or by email to:

And remember: the Ursa Major Awards are meant for all Furry fandom. Eligibility is international, not just for what is released in the U.S., North America, or Great Britain. There are Furry novels, comic books and fanzines published during 2002 in Australia, Canada, Britain, and elsewhere that have not yet been published in the U.S.; they are all eligible. And participation is wanted from fans everywhere, not just ConFurence members.

December 5, 2002

Detective Comics #777 containing Spore part 2 is now on the rack. I'm buying 100 copies of each installment, which I will sell as a complete set through my site starting in March and at next year's San Diego Comic Con. Every set will be signed and will sell for the added cover price of the five issues (same as if you were to buy it on the stand). If you can't wait til March, go check a comic book retailer near you, I'm pretty sure they'll have some copies handy... unless they're sold out.

The issue was reviewed yesterday by Randy Lander from The Fourth Rail and it got a big thumbs up! Check out the review here.

Here's one of the page. Just click on it for a larger version.

December 3, 2002

OK folks, you demanded it, and now you've got it!

Last year, I made 300 dvds of my three short films. The purpose of this was mostly to have copies available for students when I gave lectures and presentations. To my surprise, the whole bunch sold out at last summer's San Diego Comic Con. Since then, I have received multiple emails from people asking me to press more.

So here it is, in a brand new package, slickly designed by The Pod! For this second edition, we digitally remastered the films in what I hope will be the very final NTSC version.

Click here for additional info and on how to order.


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