May 29, 2003


The Jack Kirby Collector is my favorite magazine. It's an oversize fanzine, published four times a year, that analizes the work of Kirby through articles and essays. It also features tons of great artworks by the "King" including rough pencils, conceptual sketches, unpublished comic pages and covers etc. Being a Kirby fan, I read it from cover to cover.

Yesterday, I received the new issue (TJKC #37) from Bud Plant and immediately started leafing through it. My heart just about skipped a beat when I saw, on page 54, the cover of ZED #2 featured in the "Kirby as a Genre" article. Now, that's cool!

Click here to read the rest of the article.

May 26, 2003

THE TOWERS OF NUMAR is now available!


Hooray! We just received a big shipment of our new book, The Towers of Numar. When we saw how well it turned out, our palpitating little hearts filled with glee! And to top it all, the response to our April solicitation through Diamond's Previews, has been phenomenal. We've received our best pre-orders ever! A big thanks to all of you who support my work. You make it possible for us to keep publishing these crazy books!

You should be able to find The Towers of Numar very shortly at your local comic shop or bookstore. You can also order the book directly from us (free shipping to the US!). If you would like me to sign it, just request it with your order (there's no extra charge).

May 23, 2003

COLLECTIBLE UPDATE: Second Sculpture Announced

The pre-orders for our first collaboration with Sideshow Toys are going through the roof! As a matter of fact, it looks like the sculpture might be an instant sell out! Sideshow is so pleased that they've already started work on the second sculpture, based once again on one of my Insanely Twisted Rabbits (See picture on the right). Don't miss out... or be prepared to pay high prices on ebay later on! Click here for more info.

May 17, 2003

Yesterday, I received a package in the mail from my good friend Bob Miller. In it, I found, among other things, a copy of this month's issue of Starlog (May #310). I got a big kick out of reading one of the news items on page eight called, Sequels and Remakes. Check it out! The issue also features a great article by Bob on the Animatrix shorts (Plugging Into the Animatrix). Thanks a lot for the package Bob, and congratulations on another great piece of journalism!

May 15, 2003

I did the drawing on the right for Shane Corn's upcoming sketch book Peanut Butter and Monster Sandwich.

I met Shane about a year ago at a signing at The Los Angeles Festival of Books. He expressed great enthusiasm for my work and invited me to one of his sketching party (which was a lot of fun). Since then, Shane has shown up to many of my signings and has been very supportive of my work. When he dropped me an email asking if I could contribute to his upcoming monster sketchbook, I was happy to say "sure, why not!"

Peanut Butter and Monster Sandwich will premiere at this year's San Diego's Comic Con. It will be 36 pages, featuring monster sketches (and more) by Shane Corn as well as drawings by guest artists Robert Snyder, Josh Hughes, Joe Escott, Forest Stearns and myself. It will be digest size and will retail for $7.00. For more info, just email Shane.

May 13, 2003

Click here to read my latest interview. It was conducted in the form of a web chat by Brittney Gearheard from Straight Edge Presentations. It's pretty weird!

May 8, 2003

New Addition to the Fan Art Gallery

I found this cute little rendition inspired by one of my character, while cruising the web. It's by Francesco Campobasso. Here's what he had to say about it:

"The Elephant is a spare time model. I began it when I saw some freak, amazing designs from Michel Gagné. I really liked some of the designs in the Frenzied Fauna book so I tried to model some stuff, and even if its not the same it´s rather similar and begun with that idea."

May 4, 2003

I've received several emails of people telling me they enjoy the paintings featured in the gallery. I'm glad there's an audience for my weird artsy-fartsy indulgences! While I was very active doing fine arts (1996-99), I kept meticulous records of all my experiments. One day, I will do an art book that will feature these. In the meantime, I'll keep adding more images to the site as time permits. Here are four additions to the gallery featuring paintings that were done in 1996 and 1997.

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