July 9, 2003

GAGNÉ International Press at San Diego Comic-Con

Once again, we're getting ready for our annual trip to the San Diego Comic-Con. As usual, we're very excited about meeting friends, fans and peers.

Our booth location is pretty much the same as last year's: right in the center of the Independent Publisher Pavilion (booth 1904).


Insanely Twisted Rabbit Sculpture Available at our Booth

On Monday, I contacted Sideshow to make sure we would have some of the Demon Dog Rabbit Sculptures available at the Comic-Con. I got a bit scared last week when I received an email saying that they were all sold out. I'm glad to report that Sideshow has indeed put aside a small quantity (100) for us to sell at our booth. They also sent me a picture of the packaging, so I could preview it here. Pretty cool, isn't it?



Due to the San Diego Comic Con, orders placed between July 9 and July 31 won't be shipped until we resume shipping duties on August 1st. Some of our items are getting low in quantity and might be selling out in San Diego. We marked those as "Out of Stock" for the time being. Upon our return from Comic-Con, we will re-assess our inventory. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!


Tune in at the end of the month (or August 1st at the latest) for a complete report of our experiences at Comic-Con 2003!

July 4, 2003

Demon Dog Rabbit Sculpture Sells Out!

We just got words that our first collaboration with Sideshow Collectibles, the Insanely Twisted Rabbit - Demon Dog sculpture, is sold out. We knew it was gonna go fast, but this was beyond our expectations! Thanks for the overwhelming response!

July 2, 2003

Cover for the latest issue of APATOONS

Last Sunday, I received a phone call from my good buddy Bob Miller. Bob asked if he could commission me to do the cover of the upcoming issue of APATOONS. When I asked what he had in mind, he replied, "Why don't you do something with the robots from your short film Prelude to Eden". And so, I did! Click here for a larger image of the cover.

The Apatoons San Diego Sampler #3 will be available at San Diego Comic-Con, at the ASIFA booth. It will contain all kinds of cool stuff from the animation world. To give you an idea of what Apatoons is about, I copied this little bit of info from their website:

Apatoons is an Amateur Press Association about animated cartoons. If you're not familiar with APAs (which have been around for more than a hundred years), think of them as a sort of private World Wide Web on paper. Each of our members (who are limited to 25 in number) produces a self-published, self-written fanzine/newsletter for our bimonthly mailings, with reviews, news, history, artwork, humor, and anything else that's at least sort of related to the topic of animation. In the past, members have also received such goodies as cels, vintage animation collectibles, and more.

Members send 31 copies of their contributions to the Fearless Leader, who collates them, adds a section of news clippings, and staples the whole thing into a publication that's typically from 100-250 pages in length. Every member gets a copy; the only costs of membership go to pay for postage, envelopes, and the like.

We've been doing this since 1982 and have published over a hundred issues.

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