February 27, 2004

Freaky Flora: From A to Z Solicits in March's Previews

Our upcoming book, Freaky Flora: From A to Z, is currently soliciting in March's Previews.

Previews, for those who aren't familiar with it, is a giant monthly catalog previewing all the comics, graphic novels and pop culture merchandise available from your local comic book specialty retailer, approximately two months in advance.

While browsing through the new issue, I was delighted to see that Freaky Flora was highlited as a featured item! Look for the solicitation on page 359 and for our ad on page 360.

February 24, 2004

Emerald City Comicon 2004 - Feb 29th

For the second year in a row, Gagné International Press will have a booth at Seattle's annual comic convention, the Emerald City Comicon. Last year we were very surprised by this small show and had an absolute blast. The attendance was better than expected and the fans were full of enthusiasm. This year looks like it's gonna be great as well with an impressive guest list including: Stan Sakai, Darick Robertson, Brian Michael Bendis, Jeff Johnson, Matt Wagner, Todd Nauck, JG Jones , Greg Rucka, Dave Johnson, Phil Noto, Howard Chaykin, Kurt Busiek, Jason Pearson, David Hahn, Pete Woods, Karl Kesel and more! I will be on hand all day sketching and chatting at our booth, so if you're in the neighborhood, don't be shy, come and say hi! The convention will take place Sunday, Feb 29th, 2004 at the Seahawks Stadium, West Field Plaza, Seattle, Washington, between 10:00am and 5:00pm. Click here for more info.

February 22, 2004

PLA 2004

The Public Library Association will be hosting its 10th annual conference in beautiful downtown Seattle, from February 24 to 28, at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. The show is open to librarians nationwide and has an attendance of about 10,000. It is billed as the largest conference dedicated exclusively to public librarianship. One of our distributors, Partners/West Books Distributing Inc., asked if I would like to be at their booth to talk about my work and help promote my line of books. I was delighted by the offer and jumped at the opportunity to expand my visibility in this fascinating market. I will be on hand to sign and chat on Thursday, Feb 26th from 11am to 5pm. Come and say hi if you're attending. Click here for more details about the conference.

February 14, 2003

Bud Plant Gives Parables: An Anthology a Glowing Review

"...magnificently drawn fanciful characters and compelling philosophical tales."
-Bud Plant

I've always been a big fan of Bud Plant's Incredible Catalog and look forward to receiving it every other month. One of my goal when I started publishing was actually to be featured in this catalog!

When I published the first black and white edition of A Search for Meaning: The Story of Rex in 1998, I sent Bud Plant a copy for review. I was delighted when I received a phone call from the purchasing manager, a few days later, telling me how much Bud enjoyed the book. Since then, Bud has featured each of my new releases often praising them in his reviews. Both Frenzied Fauna: From A to Z and Insanely Twisted Rabbits made his 2002 Bestselling List!

Bud reviews each item featured in his catalog. For the ones that he considers top notch, he puts the word "Recommended" at the beginning of his review. For the rare items that he feels very strongly about, he puts "Highly Recommended". Up until now, several of my books have been "Recommended", but Bud's coveted "Highly Recommended" endorsement had proven elusive... until now! Click here to read Bud's full review of Parables: An Anthology.

February 4, 2003

Press Release

Michel Gagné's "FREAKY FLORA: FROM A TO Z" Hits Stores in May

Bellingham, WA, February 2004 - Gagné International Press will release Michel Gagné's 11th hardcover book, Freaky Flora: From A to Z, in May 2004.

Michel Gagné, who founded Gagné International Press with his wife in 1998, is a four-time Annie Award nominated animator (The Iron Giant, Star Wars: Clone Wars) as well as the creator of quirky art books (Insanely Twisted Rabbits), storybooks (The Towers of Numar), and comics (ZED).

The latest addition to Gagné's ever growing line of bizarre and unusual books is described as a twisted delight for nature lovers. Gagné got the idea for the book in 2001 while making Frenzied Fauna: From A to Z. "Initially, I was going to make an alphabet book that had both animals and plants. It was going to be titled Frenzied Fauna and Freaky Flora: From A to Z," Gagné said. "Eventually, I dropped the plant concept out of the first book and just focused on animals. Freaky Flora was shelved for a couple of years. The idea was re-ignited last year while taking a hike in the woods. Nature is so weird and inspiring. It's a great springboard for my creativity. I think fans will get a real kick out of this one."

Freaky Flora: From A to Z will solicit through Diamond in the book section of March's Previews. The 32 pages, full-color hardcover book will retail at $14.95.

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