December 25, 2003

December 19, 2003

Searching for the Right Cover

Selecting the right cover for a book can be a truly daunting task.

A few weeks ago, I posted an unused cover for The Towers of Numar, so I thought I'd keep the theme going with this rejected cover (on the left) for my upcoming book: Freaky Flora: From A to Z.

The first few covers I created for this particular project felt too literal. I wanted something that would leave a little more to the imagination. I finally settled for the more abstract design you see on the right.

You can click on either images for a larger view.

December 13, 2003

Pin up for 1313 Magazine

Here's a pinup I did for an upcoming issue of 1313 Magazine (Click here for a larger view). I found out about the magazine when I received this email from the editor a few weeks ago:

Greetings Mr. Gagne!

I currently run an international psycho-horror publication called 1313 Magazine "The Phantom Monster Show" that specializes in film, comics books, animation, art, toys, kustom kulture, music and so much more! Our 2nd issue is currently on sale and we're now working on our 3rd installment due out before Christmas. This full color spooktacular includes an exclusive front cover by 1313 guest artist Dan Brereton. The issue also includes such creature features as; Elvira, legendary monster artist Basil Gogos, East Coast spookshow Ghoul A Go Go, Rock City Morgue, a Galeerie of special guest artists including Eric Pigors, Funko Toys and so much more ghastly fun!

Since the magazine is a visual treat for our reader's I've been in contact with several artists for coverage and to contributing original 1313 pin ups such as Shag , Von Franco, Rhode Montijo, Jorge R. Gutierre, designer on Mucha Lucha, Michael Slack and so many more!

In any case, I'm a big fan of your work and was wondering if you might be interested in doing a sexy swinging ghoulie pin up for our guest Galeerie? I would also love to do a feature article/interview on you and your work!

Stay deadly,
Mister Monster

The pinup and the article/interview will be featured in issue #4 on sale in February 2004.

December 6, 2003

Insanely Twisted Rabbit Sculpture #2 Update

I just received the first finished sample of the second Sideshow sculpture based on my designs (Click here to see the first one). I gotta tell you, it's awesome! All the problems have been fixed and the end product is nothing short of incredible.

Big cheers for Mat Fals (the sculptor) for doing such an amazing job at translating my artwork into tangible form... and putting up with all my nit picking. This piece was quite a challenge from what I hear but all the sweat and tears have paid off. This is going to be a fabulous collection! The piece is scheduled to be released in February 2004. I'll keep you posted.

December 5, 2003

A couple of weeks ago, I received the following email from the ModernArtMilitia:

Hey Michel,

I was checking out your site the otherday and was very impressed with the work that you had to show. I was wondering if you would be interested in posting some of your artwork on our site? It's a non-profit organization, so you wouldn't have to pay for the webspace. Basically, you get your own page to post whatever work or info you want. If you are interested, please email me back. Thanks a lot.

The Modern Art Militia Team

When I visited the ModernArtMilitia site, I saw that it was filled with great art from fabulous artists. Needless to say, I was flattered by the invitation to join such a talented bunch, and gratefully accepted. A few days later, I got my very own page on their site! Check it out!

December 1, 2003

"Parables: An Anthology" Solicits in December's Previews

Our upcoming book, Parables: An Anthology, is currently soliciting in December's Previews.

Previews, for those who aren't familiar with it, is a giant monthly catalog previewing all the comics, graphic novels and pop culture merchandise available from your local comic book specialty retailer, approximately two months in advance.

While browsing through the new issue, I was delighted to see that Parables was highlited as a featured item! Look for the solicitation on page 360 and for our ad on page 361.

Upon visiting the official Diamond's website, I was also pleased to find a small article plugging the book. Looks like Diamond is giving it a good push!

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