January 28, 2005

Odd Number and ZED #5 Solicit in February's Previews

Our upcoming book, Odd Numbers, as well as the latest installment of my comic series, ZED #5, are currently soliciting in February's Previews.

Previews, for those who aren't familiar with it, is a giant monthly catalog previewing all the comics, graphic novels and pop culture merchandise available from your local comic book specialty retailer, approximately two months in advance.

While browsing through the new issue, I was delighted to find a nice little article on page nine called "Gagné Gets Jazzed in New Book".

You can find Odd Numbers on page 391 and ZED #5 on page 300. Both solicitations are accompanied by half-page ads.

January 25, 2005

ZED #5 Reviewed at TheFourthRail.com

"It's been a long time since we saw an issue of Zed, but I'm glad to see it return, as this quirky, all-ages read remains a great deal of fun." (Read More...) -- Randy Lander
January 24, 2005

Back On Line

For the past couple of weeks, I've had major problems with my computer. Because of massive viral infection, I had to save everything on CD-ROMs and reformat my entire drive. This whole ordeal meant that I was disconnected from the internet for about 2 weeks.

At first, I was very disturbed to be cut off from the cyber world. I was literally going through withdrawals. But then, I started realizing that I was getting a lot more work done. Now that I'm reconnected, I need to stop spending so much time on the friggin' internet.

Anyhow, I've got a lot of big projects in the works; many announcements coming soon.

In the meantime, here are two interviews with Kazu Kibuishi about the upcoming Flight Volume Two (see last update). Both interviews feature a lot of artworks from some of the other artists involved.



January 6, 2005

Flight: Volume Two

OK, here's my first plug of the year. I'd like to bring some attention to a wonderful anthology published by Image Comics called Flight. The first volume premiered at San Diego Comic Con last summer and was a runaway hit. Now the time has come for the second volume and let me tell you, it's absolutely fantastic.

Last year, Kazu Kibuishi (the editor of the project) invited me to contribute a story for the second installment. I was honored by the invitation and doodled a 17-page story. Some of you will recognize the main character from one of my previous book. Click here to read my entire story.

Flight: Volume 2 is currently soliciting in this month's Previews (page 146) and will be in stores at the end of March 2005. Artists who contributed include: Ben Hatke - Don Hertzfeldt - Doug Holgate - Doug TenNapel - Giuseppe Ferrario - Herval - Hope Larson - Jake Parker - Jeff Smith - Johane Matte - Justin Ridge - Kazu Kibuishi - Kean Soo - Khang Le - Matt Rhodes - Matthew Woodson - Michel Gagné - Rad Sechrist - Rodolphe Guenoden - Ryan Sias - Sonny Liew.

If you want to see some truly beautiful and cutting edge graphic storytelling, pick this one up.

Click here to visit the official "Flight" website.


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