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March 26th, 2005

Special Offer from Sideshow Collectibles (update - Looks like the promotion was cancelled)

This is the third piece of a series of unique sculptures based on Gagné’s book, 'Insanely Twisted Rabbits.'

This polystone collectible is hand finished and painted to the highest standard, and comes with a textured base that features the logo, edition size and artist signature. Click here for more details.

March 24th, 2005

ZED #6 Solicits in April's Previews

Ok folks, ZED #6, is currently soliciting in April's Previews (for items shipping in June). I really need to get the numbers up on the series so please help spread the word and make sure that your comic retailer orders lots of copies NOW! ZED #6 is featured on page 310 under GAGNE INTERNATIONAL PRESS.

I have posted a five page preview to tantalize you. Check it out by clicking here!

Previews, for those who aren't familiar with it, is a giant monthly catalogpreviewing all the comics, graphic novels and pop culture merchandise available from your local comic book specialty retailer, approximately two months in advance.

March 16th, 2005

Lecture at VFS

A few weeks ago, I did a lecture at Vancouver Film School. It was a very fun event and the students seemed to really enjoy it. I thought I'd share this really nice article about my visit that was posted on the school's website. There's even a video of me babbling some nonsense!

People on the picture are (from left to right): Dieter Mueller, Anne Denman Wilde, Michel Gagné, Myriam, and Joseph Gilland.

Insanely Twisted Reprise

"His shirt might have been the same, and some of his stories may even have been similar, but when Michel Gagne talks the things he says always come across as original. The celebrated animator, illustrator, publisher, artist, and self-effacing humourist returned to VFS for a second straight year to share with students insights from his still-blossoming artistic career." (Read more...)

March 1st, 2005

Pinup for Girl Genius

Here's a pinup I did for my pal Phil Foglio's series, "Girl Genius".

Click here for a larger view.

I met Phil a few years ago at the San Diego Comic-Con. He was wearing a long white coat with a badge that said "pornographer". Intrigued, I went to his booth to investigate and found that, indeed, Phil has dabbled into the realm of X-rated comics. Let me also add that those naughty comics only represent a small fraction of Phil's opus. He is a highly productive and talented artist.

Check out his wonderful work at his official website, www.airshipbooks.com.



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