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Originals for Sale
March 9, 2009

Just added 6 original pieces for sale, including two from Insanely Twisted Rabbits and three from Odd Numbers. Check them out.

Tattoo from Romania
March 8, 2009

Here's an email from Romania I recently received:

Subject: I have a tatoo with a bunny of yours

Hello, I didn't know that this bunny on my arm was  made by you, I really like it, you are a great artist :) Thanks for the picture that led to my tattoo, great art, great job :P

Claudiu Mihai is my name and I'm from Romania.

Ernst Haeckel on the Trilobite Show
March 2, 2009

What better way to start the month of March, than with a new set of gorgeously rendered trilobites? The trilobite engravings of master artist/scientist Ernst Haeckel are the latest addition to The Trilobite Show. Check 'em out!

A Pair of Tattoos
February 22, 2009

Roger and Heather got matching tattoos on their 5th anniversary. Both designs were taken from my book, Insanely Twisted Rabbits. Heather explains: "His [tattoo] represents me, fluffy, cute, but with teeth. Mine represents how I have literally ripped out his heart and keep it for myself."

Click here for more pictures of tattoos inspired by my work.

A Valentine Project
February 14, 2009

A few years ago, I started putting together a book for Valentine's Day called Art and Bun: A Love Story. It's been on the shelf for several years and Nancy (the love of my life) often encourages me to finish it. If I can find the time one day, I'd love to.

Check out some of the artwork I did for it.

The Saga of Rex Update
February 8, 2009

Here's the cover of The Saga of Rex book mock-up I'm having printed as POD for my upcoming pitches. The "official" version of the book will have an introduction by Kazu Kibuishi. I'll be good to see Rex in his own book again (first book here), this time with 160+ pages!

I've also been toying with the idea of animating Rex for a while now. Let's see what happens next...

Jud Turner on The Trilobite Show
February 1, 2009

Those who have been following this blog for a while know that I have a little weakness for trilobites. In fact, I created a website called The Trilobite Show a few years ago in cahoots with my pal from Vancouver, Andrew Scott, who himself started the now infamous Triloblog!

We're always on the lookout for new and exciting trilobite artists to feature in our ongoing digital exhibition. This time around, we're featuring the impressive sculptures of Oregon artist, Jud Turner.

The Saga of Rex Update
January 24, 2009

I just finished the latest chapter of The Saga of Rex. "Soulmates" is a 42-page interplanetary romance. It will be featured in Flight: Volume 6 this coming summer and I hope you'll love it!

Flight is a yearly comic anthology published by Random House. I love working with all these great artists and Kazu Kibuishi is a top notch editor (as well an amazing artist). Check out these other volumes of Flight containing chapters from "The Saga of Rex".

Toonboom Aquires Animo
January 18, 2009

For many years, I've been using the software Animo for most of my animation projects. My short film, Prelude to Eden, was the first to test Animo at film resolution and output to 35mm. My friend Jon Hooper and I were instrumental in the early development phase of the software, writing long reports on how the interface should be laid out and what tools should be created so that the software would be attractive to animation companies. I did a couple of stints in Cambridge, UK where I worked with the developers and programmers to help them perfect the software. Being one of the first Animo experts, I demonstrated the software to many companies including Warner Bros and Dreamworks. Early on, I was given a lifetime license to thank me for all my services.

A few weeks ago, when I heard that Animo might be in trouble, I hoped for the best. This week, I learned that ToonBoom, one of the prime 2D animation software companies, bought Animo. I'm extensively using Animo in my upcoming animated projects and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Toonboom will keep providing proper support and upgrades. I hope to be using Animo for many more years to come. Read the press release here.

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