Punto y Raya Animation Festival
November 7th, 2011

I just learned this morning that my film Sensology won the third prize at the Punto y Raya Animation Festival in Madrid.

The PyR Festival bills itself as the most abstract film festival in the world. No representation allowed! The aim is to pose a creative challenge to study and reflect upon the essence of form and movement. In fact, I had to create a special version of Sensology without the inter-titles (text outside of the main and end titles is considered representational) so that the film would be eligible.

Over 368 films from 42 countries were submitted and 109 were selected to take part in the official competition. I had no idea so many abstract films were being made!

For Your Consideration
November 1st, 2011

There's about one thousand videos of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet on YouTube from various sources, so I feel a bit hesitant about adding more. However, since I had to create new videos for awards submissions (yes, it's that time of the year again), I thought I'd share them here.

The first one features gameplay footage with in-game music from the Shadow Hunters mode, composed by Andrew Scott, Troy Lawlor and Dan Bruington.

The second video features the game's cinematics with music by Dimmu Borgir.


Happy Halloween
October 29th, 2011

Here's another pumpkin carving I found on Tumblr which was inspired by Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets. It was posted by someone nicknamed Infiniki - not sure who the carver is but I think it looks pretty nifty!

In the Spirit of Halloween
October 27th, 2011

Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost), carved some pretty cool pumpkins based on my designs. The originals are from The Spectre's Bride and Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppets. You can read Jorge's blog here.

Shadow Hunters Concept Gallery

October 24th, 2011

To celebrate the successful release of our first DLC, Shadow Hunters, I decided to put together this concept gallery to give the viewer a little insight into our creative process. Check it out here!

Download Volume 1
October 18th, 2011

The first issue of Download has been released and features 18 pages devoted to Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. This high quality, square bound French magazine focuses on downloadable games and is a visual treat for anyone interested in videogames. More info can be found here.

Barnes & Noble Signing on Saturday, October 15th
October 11th, 2011

I will be signing my graphic novel, The Saga of Rex, at Barnes & Nobles located at 4099 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA 98226, on Saturday October 15, 2011, from 2:00-4:00 PM.

Please come on by if you're in the neighborhood. Click here for more info.

Shadow Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Game Add-On: Shadow Hunters On Sale 10/12/11
October 9th, 2011

Seattle, WA, October 2011 – Shadow Planet Productions is pleased to bring Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet's first Game Add-On, Shadow Hunters, to Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Shadow Planet Productions' partners and creators of ITSP, Michel Gagné (Gagne International) and Joe Olson (Fuelcell Games), are confident that this addition will further enhance the player’s experience and expand upon the narrative of the main campaign, as well as give an opportunity to tackle new challenges alone, or team up with your friends locally or over Xbox LIVE on your quest to eradicate the remnants of the invasive shadow virus.

This new mode begins with a cinematic that picks up exactly where the final scene of the main campaign left off. In a nearby asteroid belt, the Shadow Entity still thrives, and the player must clear these asteroids of the nefarious presence before it begins to spread again.

Shadow Hunters won't be more of the same”, said artist Michel Gagné. “I'm really happy that we were able to further the story, steer the art in a fresh direction, and create an adrenaline charged gaming experience. As far as I'm concerned, Shadow Hunters may very well be the most exciting part of ITSP.”

“The whole team has really outdone themselves on Shadow Hunters”, says Olson, CEO of Fuelcell Games. “We started with the exploration and puzzle elements from the Campaign and incorporated those with the procedurally generated level and fast paced decision making elements from Lantern Run, then pushed these ideas even further to create a challenging and addictive new game mode in the Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet universe.”

Shadow Hunters will be available on Xbox LIVE Arcade on October 12th, 2011, for 400 Microsoft Points.

For more information on Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet visit www.insanelytwistedshadowplanet.com or the official blog at http://michelgagne.blogspot.com.


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